Earthquake Engineering Control

Active Control of Structural Instability

Details the processes involving the enhancement of the technology as part of a research project. Includes related references.

Base Isolation: Origins and Development

Documentation from a university professor discussing the theories behind the operation of the technology installed in buildings and bridges as an antiseismic control method.

BFRL Publications - Aliphatic Compounds

Report regarding the technicalities of various properties of materials in relation to height of smoke point and related fire characteristics.

Building Research Institute

Relays updates on the reports about earthquake incidents. Includes details on proceedings and transportation references.

Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation

Source of relevant information explaining the operations of the division in conducting research studies.

CSUN Structural Control Research

Briefing on various studies conducted by the academic division dealing with research topics on antiseismic control processes.

Dynamic Analysis of Base-Isolated Highway Bridge

Technical data presented providing detailed explanation on the connecting structure's model and computations on antiseismic methods.

Example Building Applications

Description of various projects established to study the seismic isolation capabilities in varying structures.

Example Industrial Applications

Profile of different facilities and equipment installed with seismic isolation technologies.

Seismic Shock Control

Develops various products including machines capable of damage control and protective mechanisms in ground movement calamities.

Structural Control Research

University of Southern California's academic division conducting development studies about the field.

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