Earthquake Engineering

ABAG Housing Loss Modeling

Report on the study provided to acquire statistical data regarding earthquake damages on residential properties.

Applied Technology Council

Develops application for the monitoring of earthquake, flood and wind behaviors. Includes updates on projects.

Australian Earthquake Engineering Society

Supports developments in earthquake engineering and related aspects of studies in technical seismic studies.

Bristol University - Earthquake Engineering Research Center

Description of the scientific study that the institution specializes. Cites sample project instances.

Building and Fire Research Laboratory

Discusses the coverage of research activities conducted in the facility developing studies on constructed structures.

Building Seismic Safety Council

Describes the role of the council in developing and promoting building earthquake risk mitigation regulatory provisions for the nation. Includes details of projects, membership, committees and publications.

California Earthquake Authority

Highlights updates on scheduled events sanctioned by the agency administering insurance policies and financing in relation to natural calamities.

California Earthquake Impacts - Shaken Awake

Description of the extent of the damages on residential buildings in different levels defined from a study.

California State University - Earthquake Engineering, Wind and Blast Protection

Compilation of selected topics relating to seismic analysis, testing procedures and other technical references.

Caltech Library Services - Earthquake Engineering

Report compilation covering various studies and documentation on disaster control and related topics.

Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering

Posts announcement of scheduled events relating to the organization's activities. Includes an archive of publications and pictures.

Earthquake Engineering Abstracts

Archive of documentations about the fundamental topics relating to technical studies about ground calamities.

Earthquake Engineering New Zealand

Report on the sample instances of the organization's operations including details on affiliation procedures.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

Technical group for personnel involved in the scientific field. Conducts activities relating to the industry with membership provided.

Earthquake Engineering Research Project

Documents the studies and investigations that are conducted under a division of the California State University.

Earthquake Research Institute

Division of the University of Tokyo conducting studies on ground movement incidents with updates on organized events.

Hanshin Earthquake Special

Chronicles the incident that happened indicating the extent of the damage as well as surveys and community involvement.

Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake

Overview of the incident that happened in an island near Kobe. Includes details on the damages of steel piers.

International Association for Earthquake Engineering

Global organization established for professionals involved in the field through discussions and other activities.

Linbeck Distinguished Lecture Series

Specialized index of documentation and reports as well as webcasts relating to the engineering field.

Mid-America Earthquake Center

Consortium of nine core institutions relates history, research, services, software and tools, preparedness, and calendar.

Middle East Seismological Forum

Discussion group covering topics on seismology and updates on scientific activities in the region.

Multi-Axial Subassemblage Testing Laboratory

Accepts contract testing and related activities by researchers and private entities with equipment available for use.

National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering

Resource for various technical information, reports and fundamental data regarding the field of studies.

National Science Foundation - Directorate for Engineering

Announcement of activities organized by the council as well as program description and details on proposed developments.

New Zealand Earthquake Commission

Presents an overview of the commission plus information on research, quake proving a home, insurance, claims, media statements and notices.

New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Inc.

Indicates the affiliation procedures for the organization that provides membership and publication of technical papers.

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center

Established as an educational institution involved in multidisciplinary studies relating to the scientific field dealing with ground movements.

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country

Content summary of published books about the study available for online reading and handbook requests. Enumerates safety precautions.

Seismic Design Review

Posts details of offered courses specializing in related studies about the field. Indicates schedule of instructions.

Shake Table

Indicates the functions of the device utilized to measure resistance characteristics of various structures.

ShakeZone for Kids

Reference for the studies provided by California State University's department of civil engineering and applied mechanics.

Southern California Earthquake Center

Documentation on the research activities as well as projects handled by the institution. Provides other technical guide.

U.S. Geological Survey - National Strong Motion Project

Posts updates on recent developments of the program including an archive of news articles, research documentations and published materials.

UALR Arkansas Earthquake Center

Profiles the institution's mode of activities focusing on earthquake education and technology transfer and related operations. Includes related guides.

University at Buffalo - NEES Equipment

Facility for studies on earthquake engineering as developed by the academic organization's laboratory for the field.

University of California, Berkeley - Earthquake Engineering Research Center

Focuses on implementing research and public service projects for protection method on earthquake effects.

USC Earthquake Engineering - Strong Motion Group

Research division working on studies covering ground motion studies, structure response and other functions.

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