Pyrotechnics Organizations

American Pyrotechnics Association

Offers news releases, fireworks information, and an online membership application.

Fire Ants

Official website of the Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas.

International Pyrotechnics Society

Global organization devoted to facilitating the exchange of information related to the science and technology of pyrotechnics including propellants and explosives. Also seeks to promote research and education in energetic materials.

Iowa Pyrotechnic Association

Nonprofit organization working for safe, legal, and artistic pyrotechnics in Iowa and the surrounding areas. Provides trainings and demonstrations. Also facilitates the exchange of pertinent information.

Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (MPAG)

Organization aims to encourage safe, legal, and artful pyrotechnic use through training, demonstration, and information exchange.

Missouri Pyrotechnics Association

Local pyrotechnic enthusiasts group promoting safe and legal fireworks use.

Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group (NEOPG)

Provides trainings, conducts demonstrations, and facilitates information exchange to help promote pyrotechnics safety and lawful use.

Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club (NLPC)

Gathering of pyrotechnics enthusiasts with members from New England through the Mid-Atlantic states. Site provides membership details, schedules of upcoming events, and forums.

The Northwest Pyrotechnics Association (NPA)

Organization established to promote the safe, lawful, and artful use of pyrotechnics throughout the Northwest.

Pyrotechnics Guild International

Independent worldwide organization of amateur and professional fireworks enthusiasts.

Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild

Nonprofit group committed to promoting the safe and artistic use of fireworks through education and practical experience. Site presents the guild's bylaws, membership, officers, and safety rules.

Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (WPAG)

Presents a list of club officers, club bylaws, membership information, safety rules, learning resources, and pyrotechnics related links.

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