Nanotechnology Research Institutions

AMO GmbH Aachen

Specializes in innovating nanofabrication technologies. Includes news archives and historical information on its operations.

Georgia Tech Nanotechnology Research Center

Research enabler supplying high technology equipment resources, staff expertise, and trainings vital to the advancement of nanoscale science and engineering development.

Georgia Tech Nanotechnology Research Center

Nanoscience and nanotechnology research center representing the southeast US node of the NSF-supported National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network.

i3 Nanotec

Subsidiary of the Bio-Nanotec Research Institute working to develop membrane-based processes for various industrial applications.

IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

Details the functions of the institution in developing innovations in various aspect of science and technology applications.

Institute for Molecular Manufacturing

Supports various projects in nanomedicine and related applications. Provides updates on recent programs funded by the institution.

Lab-Bell Inc.

Updates on available products manufactured by the company as well as purchasing procedures and technical support.

Liu NanoBionics Lab

Conducts research on nano-bio hybrids, molecular nanoimaging, and digital health biochips. Includes people, publications, positions, and courses.

MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology research institute in University of Twente with research groups for biomolecular electronic structure, biomolecular nanotechnology, catalytic processes and materials, complex photonic systems, computational materials science, and integrated optical microsystems.

Nanoelectronics Laboratory

University of Connecticut laboratory focusing on small scale semiconductor devices.

The Nanofabrication Laboratory

Penn State University research facility with lithography, thin film deposition, plasma etching, thermal processing, chemical nanofabrication and characterization equipment.


Nanotechnology research center at Georgia Institute of Technology. Operates a JEOL JBX-9300FS 100kV electron beam lithography system with the versatility for exploring new frontiers in nanotechnology.


Networking opportunities for companies engaged in lateral nanostructures and related projects. Includes event details.


Creates compact and easy-to-operate laser lithography systems that enable true 3D nanostructures in commercially available photoresists. Also provides photoresists particularly developed for the needs of three-dimensional laser lithography.

Nanotechnology Research Foundation

Volunteer-based nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing nanotechnology awareness, education, collaboration, research, and funding.

Norton NanoLaboratories

Conducts research on machines and tools on the nanoscopic scale, genetic mutations, DNA nanostructures, and superconductors.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Developer of technologies involving nanoscience studies. Provides an archive of published materials and employment information.

Paul Drude Institute for Solid State Electronics

Posts technical data on current research areas studies by the group. Indexes published materials with scientific reports presented.

Silicon Photonics

Specializes in silicon-based micro and nanophotonic devices.

USC Nanotechnology Research Laboratory

R&D laboratory in the Viterbi School Of Engineering of the University of Southern California. Site presents papers and information on research activities, awards, members, and facilities.


Nanotechnology products and research and development company. Presents information on activities, contacts, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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