Technology Materials Research and Laboratories

Advanced Materials - Trinity College Dublin

Cites the requirements for admissions in the institution including description of available courses.

Boston College Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Technical specifications of the facility's capabilities provided. Indicates the coverage of research activities.

Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research

McMaster University's academic department focusing on electron microscopy applications. Includes references for students.

Center for Advanced and Renewable Materials

Consultations rendered by the facility as well as other technical studies about bio composites and related applications.

Computational Materials Science and Engineering

Established for research on solidification modeling, deformation studies, paper physics and related applications. Based at the McMaster University.

Device Materials Group

Division of Cambridge University working on the field of study. Includes details on research activities.

Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering

Research activities conducted in the department sanctioned by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences. Develops studies in materials properties in atomistic basis.

Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer

Organized network among facilities engaged in the field. Highlights event updates as well as details on other programs.

Georgia Tech Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

Aims to develop the fundamental science and technology necessary for maximizing the potential of graphene—an allotrope of carbon—in electronics.

Institute for Building Materials

Runs research groups for wood physics, the computational physics of engineering materials, corrosion and durability, and the fracture mechanics of concrete.

Institute for Buildings and Materials Chemistry

University of Siegen's division conducting studies on natural materials modification. Includes technical overview of other capabilities.

Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid

Serves as the organization for professional training and research activities on the industry.

ITRI Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation

Multidisciplinary research group within Deakin University's Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (ITRI). Specializes in metals and light metals, fibrous materials, composites and polymers, and bio and nano materials.

Laboratory of Amorphous Materials Physics

Italian research group dedicated to the study of amorphous solids.

Ray C. Broce Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory

Posts details on projects conducted in the institution including references for the graduate programs offered.


University of New South Wales's Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology. Undertakes activities for the development of innovative and sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

Synchrotron X-ray Topography Laboratory

Research laboratory committed to studying advanced materials developed for high technology applications.

UK Center for Materials Education

Aims to support the development of instructional materials and teaching procedures for the field of study.

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