Nuclear Energy

Argonne National Laboratory

Facility for research and development on the production of sustainable energy sources. Cites employment opportunities and other student privilege.

Canadian Nuclear FAQ

Introduces answers to common inquiries about the nuclear science and technology industry of the region. Contains an archive of articles, pictures and technical discussions.

European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM)

Organization established to coordinates the research programs of member states in the European Union for the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nuclear Energy

Article providing answer to common inquiries about the energy source as presented by John McCarthy.

High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors

Technical documentation regarding the system including articles, researches, technology updates and fuel performance details.

Japan’s Nuclear Power Program

Contains details of the proposed plans by the country to use the technology to generate power. Highlights event updates and technical discussions.

M32 – 3D Computer Model of a Nuclear Reactor

Overview of the application built for simulating the processes of the device. Indicates other capabilities.

Nuclear Engineering Forum

Various topics presented relating to the different aspects of the energy source including guidelines on its uses, simulator program and other requirements.

Nuclear Engineering International Magazine

Publishes news articles and editorial providing updates on the technology of energy generation. Covers industry stories from different sources.

Nuclear Liaison

UK nuclear information portal. Presents a directory, event and conference information, reports, university research links, and courses.

Nuclear Power International

Provides news, analysis, and product information for the global nuclear power industry. NPImagazine


Official website of the 9th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics. Presents registration particulars, schedules, and program and committee information.

One Nuclear Place

News archives presented discussing updates on the nuclear industry operations. Includes references for consumers and media coverage.

PRIS (Power Reactor Information System)

The IAEA's system for collecting and publishing data about the world's nuclear power plants; provides general and design information, and information about operating experience including shutdown reactors.

Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP)

Aims to promote research, development, and the demonstration of nuclear fission technologies essential to enabling renewable energy use and addressing the problem of climate change.

Technology Advances in Fast Reactors and Accelerator Driven Systems

Updates about the collaborative project conducted to innovate and study relevant developments on the installation for nuclear energy purposes.

Uranium, Plutonium and Nuclear Energy

Contains technical discussions on the elements’ uses including processing and other reactions. Features organizations involved in the studies.

Virtual Nuclear Tourist

Gallery of different facilities constructed in various countries around the world. Features technical articles as well.

World Nuclear News

Relays updates about the industry on an international scope. Mentions the regulations imposed.

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