Energy Cogeneration

Cogeneration and On-Site Power Production

Publication for updates on power generation technologies. Indexes news articles from different regions and market coverage.

Cogeneration Technologies - Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Operator of projects on renewable energy covering biomethane, geothermal, solar and biodiesel technologies. Advocates the use of alternative fuel sources.

Combined Heat and Power: Capturing Wasted Energy

Article on the system of combining heat and power to generate electricity. Cites technical details of the practice and related statistical information.

Irish Combined Heat and Power Association

Constructs energy efficiency solutions using combined heat and power systems. Serves the industrial and consumer needs of Ireland for such facilities.

Nils Tellier Consulting International, Inc.

Engaged in various types of engineering practice involving industrial gases, renewable energy sources, cryogenic procedures and other specific uses required by different industries.

Transparent Energy Systems Private Limited

Develops systems for distribution of generated electricity encompassing heat consumption and applicable uses of cogeneration in commercial complex, hotels, distilleries and other industries.

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