Electronics Audio and Visual

Acoustic Renaissance for Audio

Documented proposal for the creation of DVD with high-quality audio properties. Includes archive of relevant papers on the study.

Ambisonic Surround Sound

References for the audio technology, which is characterized by spherical harmonic components.


Technical articles describing ways how to build amplifiers and other audio electronic devices. Defines various types of equipment.

Audio Asylum

Classified discussion of various topics relating to music, digital technology, review of products and industry news as well.

Audio Engineering Society

Membership privilege provided for engineers, scientists and other professionals involved in the development of audio technology. Organizes various events and publishes conference proceedings and research projects.

Betamax Video Tape Format

Comparison of VHS and Beta, which are portable audio-video devices used in the late 1970’s. Cites their differences and technical references for their functions.

British Federation of Audio

Established to initiate development of high fidelity equipment. Provides membership for manufacturers and distributors in the industry.

Circuit Exchange International

Compilation of various references for circuit analysis, practical electronic applications and simulation techniques. Accepts contributed articles from different sources.

Computer Dynamics

Industrial application of monitor products and flat panel visual devices provided by the company. Indicates the specifications of each available equipment.

Florida Sound Masking

Serves the North and South American market for audio accessories such as window, duct and wall-door maskers, electronic surveillance and speech analyzers.

Genesis of Vinyl Stereo Record

Article written by Rolf Badenhausen that provides insights to the equalization standards of audio products. Features illustrations to support his explanations.

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