Cybernetic Research Centers


Center for Hyperincusrion and Anticipation in Ordered Systems, Association Sans But Lucratif. Nonprofit international organization promotes new concepts and methods in cybernetics.

Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group (CIRG)

Learn about the concept of cybernetic intelligence. Go over cybernetics related news, reports, and research group lists.

Cybernetics Research Laboratories, Inc.

Offers research services involving manufacturing, engineering, and prototyping solutions.

Czech Technical University Department of Cybernetics

Aims to undertake research that provide high quality, internationally competitive, and professionally relevant cybernetics information.

Experimental and Computational Neurosciences

Discusses the functions of the research group with an archive of published materials and project updates.

Faculty of Cybernetics

Site of the Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev Cybernetics Department. Posts announcements, news, advertisements, and helpful resources.

Hamilton Institute

Integrates mathematical studies in biological and information technology applications. Defines the coverage of research activities.

Institute for Cybernetics and Systems Theory

German-established facility developing projects for the field of research. Contains an archive of published materials and program documentations.

Institute for Cybernetics and Systems Theory

Site presents the German institute's strategic objectives, members, publications, and projects.

Institute of Cybernetics - TUT

Comprised by different divisions involved in research activities on systems biology as well as facilities studying photoelasticity, speech technology and related mechanics.

Institute of Cybernetics at TUT

Posts announcements and activity schedules, news, and links to related pages.

ISA Research Committee 51 on Sociocybernetics

Presents an introduction to sociocybernetics, conference details, newsletters, and related links.

Laboratory of Biocybernetics

Contains project and research updates, publications, a photo gallery, and links to pertinent resources.

Laboratory of Cybernetics

Learn about the tasks, aims, projects, and conferences of this laboratory. Read through the featured publications as well.

School of Systems Engineering - Cybernetics

Description of offered instructions in the academic facility at the University of Reading. Discusses the coverage of the studies.

UCLA Biocybernetics Laboratory

Presents publications, research reports, facilities overviews, and workshop schedules.

University of Reading Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group (CIRG)

Conducts research in human-computer interfaces, embodied machine intelligence, intelligent control, neural networks, intelligent search, applied cognitive systems, and computational neuroscience.


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