Alberoni, Francesco

Official site offers autobiography, bibliography, principal topics and themes, downloadable books, and gallery.

Andreski, Stanislav

Obituary of the Polish sociologist details his life, education, career, and writings.

Ben-Rafael, Eliezer

Publication includes ethnicity and language in Israel and the transformation of the kibbutz and Jewish identities.

Bordieu, Pierre

Biographical excerpt from 'Key Contemporary Thinkers' explores impulses, issues, and science, politics, and the civic mission of individuals.

Calhoun, Craig

President of Social Science Research Council shares background, education, writings, and academic and public positions.

Cherribi, Sam

Presents recent posts, comments, archives, category listings, articles and issues.

Clarke, Lee

Contains curriculum vitae, speaking engagements, publication, articles, opinion pieces and features.

Connell, Raewyn

Covers research interests, professional biography, awards, professional roles, and publications of the University Chair at University of Sydney.

Evers, Hans-Dieter

Features list of publications, research projects, papers, resources, courses, links and events. research and studies.

Goyer, Donna

Displays contact information, research interests that include violence prevention and intervention, and disproportional sentencing in justice system, courses and guidelines.

Harris, Dave

Contains essays, papers and course, teaching materials, journal articles and famous books, and tutorials.

Hazelrigg, Lawrence

Biography and works of Hazelrigg includes life with cattle, horses, grasses and grains.

Heise, David R.

Methodological research ranges from issues in quantitative modeling to computer applications in qualitative research.

History Learning Site: Pierre Bourdieu

Discusses cultural deprivation, cultural reproduction as a role of education, emphasis on student style, and social function of elimination.

Ilcan, Suzan

Professor of Sociology involved in postwar management of vulnerable populations, emergency in the age of intervention, and transnational struggles.

Jain, Anil K.

Social scientist with strong affinity to theory and cultural studies provides links to activities, publications and contact information.

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