Social Psychology

Consumer Behavior and Marketing

Helps improves marketing strategies by understanding behavior of consumers, environment, and knowledge.

Culture and Emotion Laboratory Stanford

Produces research and theory on current understandings of affect and culture.

European Network of Community Psychologists

Network promotes the exchange of experiences and the development of new perspectives in psychology, research, publication, training and methodology.

Geneva Emotion Research Group

Conducts research in the aspects of emotions, and emphasizes emotion-constituent appraisal processes, facial expression, and reaction patterns.

Humor as a Defense Mechanism in the Holocaust

Study investigates humor as a way of escaping the grim realities of the events surrounding the Holocaust.

Nijmegen Cultural Psychology Group

Presents research works of various professionals in the field.

Nonverbal Behavior - Nonverbal Communication Links

Presents link to essentials, researchers, books, papers, abstracts, journals, research centers, experiments, and forums.

Quality of Life Research Center

Non-profit research institute for positive psychology studies focuses on aspects of human experience.

Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology

Contains link to research projects, exercises, lectures, studies, concepts, articles and courses.

Social Psychological Principles in Humor

Contains materials and information for research, study and education on social psychology.

Social Psychology

Includes definition, understanding on theories and methods, examinations on individuals' perceptions and behaviors, and student projects.

Social Psychology Basics

Discusses person perception, self defense, prejudice, social expectation, conformity, social learning and economics, ans persuasion.

Social Psychology Network

Directory on psychological research and teaching, organization and conferences, programs and tools.

SPN Mentorship Program

Provides guidance to students for personality or social psychology.

Stanford Prison Experiment

Features information on classic psychology experiments and abuse of prisoners, and investigates on the psychology of prison life.

Traffic Psychology

Provides information on principles, origins, benefits, procedures and behavior on traffic psychology.

UMASS Adult Attachment Lab

Presents lab members and collaborators, publications, and links.

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