Forensic Polygraphy

Agencies, Employees Spar Over Lie Detector Tests

Includes criticism of polygraphs, issues, limitations, and debate about the accuracy of the tests and about whether federal agencies should use it.

Seeks to abolish polygraph and shows polygraph screening is invalid and is dangerous to national security.

How Lie Detectors Work

Details the polygraph, an instrument that monitors a person's physiological reactions and detects whether deceptive behavior is displayed.

Polygraph Place

Contains listing of polygraph examiner and information on polygraph associations, schools, equipments, software and insurances.

Polygraph Policy

Testing for intelligence community to screen employees and for investigation of unauthorized disclosures.

Polygraphs - Worse Than Worthless

States that polygraph testing as currently used has extremely serious limitations.

Use of the Polygraph in Security Clearance Determinations

Publication discusses the use of polygraph in security clearance investigations.

Verschuere, Bruno

Research concerns to polygraph tests and tries to reveal underlying mechanism of concealed information test.

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