Psychology Forensics and Law

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

Shares expertise in research and clinical practice, and provides information and trainings.

David Willshire's Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry Links

Contains links to forensic issues, resources, criminal psychology information, forensic services, and law.

Eyewitness Laboratory in the Psychology

Focuses on research in eyewitness memory, eyewitness identification, expert testimony and many aspects of face recognition.


Provides index for forensic updates, information, and publications.

Godwin Trial and Forensic Consultancy, Inc.

Offers criminal investigative and trial consultancy services using multimedia presentations.

How to Detect Lies

Features techniques, knowledge and preventions for for possible scams, fraud or deceptions.

Intute - Psychology

Provides access to psychology resources that include social sciences relevance.

Police Psychology

Provides resource, issues and information on police psychology, probation, corrections, and enforcement.

Psychiatry and Law

Includes views, opinions and conclusions, database, experts, case references, commentaries, and notations.

Swiss Society of Psychology and Law

Encourages ongoing training and bridges understanding of human problems, constraints of the legal system, and mutual influences of human behavior.

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