Association for the Study of Dreams

Dedicated to the pure and applied investigation of dreams and dreaming.

Dream and Nightmare Laboratory

Dedicated to the scientific study of dreaming and disorders. Includes lab information, academics, projects, and publications.

Dream Bank

A searchable collection of dream reports from various people worldwide.

Dream Journal

Offers a platform for privately or publicly recording dreams and related experiences.

Dream Moods

Features a dictionary of dreams, background information on dreams, analyses of common dreams, and discussion board.

Dream Network

Exists to help you better understand the meaning of your dreams.

Match a Dream

Allows users to search for user submitted dreams by keyword and join other users' dream circles.

Meaning of Dreams

Explains dreams in a no-nonsense fashion, citing expert studies and papers. http://www.facebook.com/dreamdictionary aboutdreaming https://plus.google.com/113072851574971989329/posts http://www.meaningofdreams.org/feed

The Quantitative Study of Dreams

Contains resources for people wishing to study their dreams using content analysis. Includes article library and research findings.

Way of the Dreamer

Provides information about Robert Moss and the "active dreaming" techniques he teaches. Includes details of books and workshops as well as articles.

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