Computational Linguistics Research Groups

(Australia) Center for Language Technology – Macquarie University

Works in natural language technology and processing, and computational linguistic, also features center information, teaching, research and events.

(Australia) Language Technology Group – University of Melbourne

Conducts research in statistical linguistic annotation that includes publications, staff, links, jobs and seminars.

(Belgium) Center for Natural Language Processing

Offers linguistic language field on commercial application, also features research, seminars, events, publications, press and internship.

(Canada) Natural Language Processing – Simon Fraser University

Analyzes language interface by computer algorithms includes information extraction and retrieval, machine translation and probabilistic grammars.

(Finland) Connexor

Offers support and consulting services, and project assignments, and features demo, software, customer’s application area and research.

(Finland) Language Technology Documentation Center

Studies technical method on computer natural language that applies authoring tools and spell recognition.

(Germany) Computational Linguistics and Phonetics

Conducts in field of applied and theoretical computational linguistics and experimental speech-science orientation with auditory and articulatory skills.

(Germany) Intelligent User Interface

Facilitates user access to global information that develops personal information assistance to retrieve reorganize and encode in different multimedia presentation.

(Germany) Language Technology Lab

Improves language technology through novel computational technique for processing text, speech and human language.

(Greece) Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications

Works on system and services for semantic content collection and extraction, and ontologies maintenance.

(Netherlands) Information and Language Processing System

Facilitates research that aims at intelligent information access that require language technology invests in software infrastructure.

(Spain) Natural Language Processing – Technical University of Catalonia

Features staff, projects, publications, resources, links, intranet, seminars, and contact.

(Spain) Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval Group

Includes multilingual information access systems, search engines, browsing and terminology retrieval and cross-language evaluation.

(Sweden) Human Language Technology Group

Presents students, affiliations, courses, projects, report, publication, news and areas.

(UK) Department of Phonetics and Linguistics

Offers articulatory and experimental phonetics, pragmatics and phonology and speech technology, and features research, resources and tools, events and shop.

(UK) Human Communication Research Center

Offers studies in communication on visual, graphical and computer-based media. Features research, labs, people, seminars, downloads and jobs.

(UK) Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems

Provides research in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, computer science, and computational syntax.

(UK) IR Group – University of Sheffield

Includes research in statistical techniques, multimedia browsing, personal information management and retrieval.

(UK) Natural Language Generation Group

Computer science and computational linguistics works to develop theories and technologies, and support automatic generation of natural language.

(UK) Natural Language Processing Research Group – University of Sheffield

Provides research in natural language analysis, architectures and resources tools.

(USA) Center for the Study of Language and Information

Contains information about language-related research, publications, affiliates, events, and the faculty and staff.

(USA) Cognitive Computational Group – University of Illinois

Offers research on computational foundation of intelligent behavior, and develops theories and systems. Features researchers, software, demos, publications, resources, and schedule.

(USA) Conversational Interaction and Spoken Dialogue

Builds computer system that provides data for testing theories to motivate human-computer system collaboration.

(USA) Cornell Natural Language Processing Group

Presents project, faculty, publication, activities, links and acknowledgements.

(USA) Human Language Technology Research Institute

Incorporates activities in speech recognition, automatic text translation and retrieval, information extraction services and question answering.

(USA) Language Computer

Provides technology for question answering, and information extraction and summarization with the use of natural language processing.

(USA) Machine Learning Research Group

Provides study of adaptive computational systems that includes empirical, knowledge-based learning to natural processing.

(USA) Natural Language Group

Features language-based activities on computational technology, and involves in machine translation, retrieval, speech recognition, and automated summarization and text analysis.

(USA) Natural Language Processing - IBM

Research area for development of applications of language engineering also features seminars, conferences, books and articles and workshop papers.

(USA) Natural Language Processing – University of Pennsylvania

Presents faculties, students, projects and research resources.

(USA) Natural Language Processing Group

Includes faculty and staff, projects section, paper lists, tools and events.

(USA) Natural Language Program – Artificial Intelligence Center

Includes theory and applications in research, multimedia interfaces, and spoken and written language systems.

(USA) Natural Language Question Answering System

Features a question-answering system that interprets user-inputted questions and provides answers in English.

(USA) Natural Language Theory and Technology

Features an organization that seeks to further technology that will enable machines to perform tasks such as content analysis, fact-finding, question answering, inference, translation, and sense making.

(USA) Neural Theory of Language

Research includes tools to address questions in converging constraints, cognitive modeling and reduction requirement.

Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Establish research in language technology in modeling and processing human language for German.

CLUK: Computational Linguistics

Presents a computational linguistic forum. Includes news, committee, mailing lists, department and course information.

Computational Linguistics Group - University of Essex, UK

Presents staff, students, projects, courses, links, and resources.

Department of Linguistics – University of Potsdam, Germany

Offers computational linguistics in German language. Also includes links, research, labs, staff and contact.

Edinburgh Language Technology Group

Research and development group working in natural language engineering, text handling, and information extraction to automatic generation of text.


Presents semantic technology for search engines that includes solutions, demo, news, map and contact.

Natural Language and Computational Linguistics: UK

Applies basic research, controlled generation of text, lexicon construction, semantic and logic.

Natural Language and Text Processing Laboratory: Mexico

Research includes word sense disambiguation, phrase attachment, morphological analysis and generation, parallel text alignment, and TAG.

Natural Language Processing Lab: China

Contains research, groups, publications, seminar, download and links for NLP.

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