Human Geography

Association for Borderlands Studies

International scholarly organization focusing on the systematic interchange of ideas and information related to international border areas.


Quick reference to international borders and tri-points includes photos, facts, links and news.

Cultural Landscapes

Presents large-scale maps and individual land surveys that show the cultural modification of a physical landscape.

Economic and Business Geography

Definition includes reference in which individuals and enterprises organize economic activities in space and recognizes socio-economic impacts of activities.

The Geography of Transport Systems

Project developed to promote access to transport geography information. Aims to provide free and consistent pedagogical materials to educators, students, and researchers.

H-Net H-History Geography

Forum for geographers, historians, and others with interest in the intricate relationship between space and time includes recent message posting and discussion logs.

The Human Geographical Society of Japan (HGSJ)

Organization established to advance the field of human geography in Japan. Holds regular meetings and publishes journals on human geography.

International Boundaries Research Unit

Works to enhance resources available for the peaceful resolution of problems, and information and expertise on boundary and territorial issues around the world.

Project Gigapolis

Initiative aimed at studying various aspects of urban and land cover modeling.

Regional Inversion

Information and discussions on the process of radical change that involves the overturning of established territorial influence order.

Social Geography

Interactive open access journal for scientists working in the fields of human geography, sociology, anthropology, architecture, cultural studies, politics, philosophy, linguistics, and other related fields.

Society for Human Ecology

International interdisciplinary professional society promotes the use of an ecological perspective in both research and application.

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