Environmental Economics

Aspen Institute

Provides seminars policy programs, conferences and leadership development initiatives in fostering leadership and open-minded dialogue.

Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Exchanges ideas, stimulates research, and promotes graduate training in resource and environmental economics.

Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics

Encourages research on economics, ecology and related disciplines, and promotes understanding through education, policy analysis, and communication.

Die Off

Presents information and synopsis on the global oil production, fossil fuels, and tragedy of the commons.

Economics and Environment Network

Aims to promote the ideas of the system by providing training sessions. Details research, seminars and academic papers.

Economics and Environmental Science

Presents training program descriptions, program requirements, admission procedures, resources, and internships.

Economics as if the Earth Really Mattered

Book review by Susan Meeker-Lowry on the economic systems, key affecting economy, problems and concerns on the government.

Economics for Environment Forum

Opens debate and critical thinking on economics and the environment issues.

Emco2 Analyzer

Business application provides data collection and emission calculation functions, department management, conversion factors, and reporting functions.

Energy Related Pages

Includes links to regulators, utilities, research institutions, articles, and environmental information.

Energy, Transport and Environment

Applies economic theory to current policy issues on transport, energy and environmental relations.

Environmental Economics

Dedicated to the dissemination of economists' views on current environmental and natural resource issues, news, opinion and analysis.

Environmental Valuation and Cost-Benefit News

Brings information on valuation of environmental damages from courts, government agencies, academic literature and studies.

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

International scientific association contributes development and application of environmental and resource economics.

European Society for Ecological Economics

Advances understanding of the relationships among ecological, social and economic systems, publishes a newsletter and books, and provides forum.

Green Accounting Bibliography

Contains articles, papers, and books on environmental accounting, entries, citations, and writings.

Green Economics

Discussion about use-value, quality and regeneration of money or material.

Green Energy News

Covers buildings, fuels, issues, government and non-government grants, power generation, transportation, and vehicles-related topics.

Gsrden Earth Enterprise

Topic includes solar and fusion energy, geology and climate, forest and farm, fuel and transportation.

Headwaters Economics

High-tech nonprofit organization focus on applied research, development and land management decisions.

Institute of Ecolonomics

Develops non-polluting technologies, identifies, researches, demonstrates and promotes clean and inexhaustible energy sources.

Interdisciplinary Environmental Association

Educational organization understands environmental issues and informs persons on concerns, and plans fro sustainable future.

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics

Transforms technical and management structures, facilitates transformation of societies, and challenge existing technological, economic and social systems.

International Society for Ecological Economists

Facilitates understanding on trans-discipline at sustainable world, and presents journal, conferences, and activities.

Madras School of Economics

Center for teaching and research in economics features computing and system infrastructure, library, seminars and conferences, links, and news.

Main Street Economics

Offers professional and technical services on environmental economics applications that include analysis and surveys.

National Center for Environmental Economics

Analyzes economic benefits and costs, and data analysis on the relationships between economy, environmental health, and pollution control.

Natural Capital Project

Creates conservation programs and develops tools to help policy makers incorporate the monetary value of nature into decisions.

Natural Resources and Environmental Economics

Provides resources and links to environmental economics, bibliographies, course outlines and details, and miscellaneous items.


Presents discussion about environmental and economic issues.

Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management

Exposes economic researchers and policy advisors to the theory and methods of natural resource and environmental economics.

Resource Decisions

Assists clients to allocation of resources, and applies economic and decision-making tools that include benefit and regional analysis, and non-market evaluation.

Resource Dimensions

Specializes in the economic analysis on land use, natural resource management, conservation planning and sustainable community development.

Resources for the Future

Organization conducts independent research on economics, social science, and environmental, energy, and natural resource issues.

Rocky Mountain Institute

Fosters the use of resources for world security, and emphasizes on market-based solutions.

Studienb├╝ro Jetzt and Morgen

Independent research group researches on structural problems of social and economic transformation.

Tempus - Joint European Project

Focuses on the development of environmental study programs in South Caucasus region.

Tradable Permits Bibliography

Compilation on general background, design issues, and application on air, fishing, water, forestry and plants.

Wealth or Consumption?

Article on economic goals, economical use of wealth, making plans, and consumer economy.

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