Archaeological Computing Software

ArcExplorer - GIS Data Viewer

Free software offers variety of basic GIS functions, and can be used as client to data and map servers.


Windows application for drawing Harris matrices. Also used for editing and drawing graphs.

Bonn Archaeological Software Package

Non-profit software includes functions for serration, clustering, correspondence analysis, and mapping tools for archaeologists.

CALIB Radiocarbon Calibration

Multi-platform application used for the conversion of radiocarbon age to calibrated calendar years.

Gnet - A Graph Editor/Browser

Editor and browser for directed graphs visualizes archaeological stratigraphy.


Word processor and email application allows writing texts in different language, converting texts and font, and views available Unicode characters.


Software company offers archaeology programs and related technical services.

Re:discovery Software Inc. - Collections Management Software

Organizes and manages object or multimedia collections, tracks information, and views list in hierarchy format.


Collects all kinds of data at archaeological excavations, and contains CAD-Tool to interpret GPS-data.

Software for Archaeology

Details program like Plot, E-4 Beta, Enter Trois, EDM, and CC-Plot.

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