Mesoamerican Maya Period and Culture

Building a Geographic Information Systemof Ancient Maya Settlement

Details area, sites, map illustrations, research, and ancient scripts.

European Association of Mayanists

Non-profit association promotes research studies, academic disciplines, and ancient culture.

Foxx Archive

Presents publications and photographs, biography, books and exhibitions.

Intense Droughts Blamed for Mayan Collapse

Reports results of intense droughts and change of climate.

Jaguar Sun

Features book on historical people and events, new sites and deciphering of glyphs.

Maya Architecture - Evolution, Structure and Diversity of a Civilization

Presents monumental construction, studies and debates, exhibition and illustration on evolution.

Maya Ruins

Shares photos, ancient architecture, and image mapping. With map of archaeological sites and bibliography.

Covers art, hieroglyphic writing and photography. Also features digital imaging technology training center.

Mayan Civilization

Historical account on ancient people and culture, topography and writing.

Mayan Collections of James A. McBride II

Features images of ancient monuments, serigraphs and color photography.

Mayan Ruins and Unexplained Acoustics

Discussion of various acoustical oddities of the Great Ballcourt and the Castillo at Chichen Itza and the pyramids at Palenque.

Mundo Maya

Understands different calendar and features water mountains, history, and discovery of ceramic pieces and objects.

My Trip to the Maya Ruins of Mexico

Chronicles journey with various photos, descriptions and travel tips.

Vanderbilt Upper PasiĆ³n Archaeological Cave Survey

Contains images, various project reports, field notes, and graphics.

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