American Journal of Nursing: Ethnopharmacology

Abstract explores the importance of understanding how ethnicity effects drug response and adverse events. Includes article purchase details.

Ethnopharmacology: What Nurses Need to Know

Discusses the role of nurses in patient care with respect to ethnic or cultural differences in medication responses.

European Colloquium on Ethnopharmacology

Site presents the colloquium's objectives, scientific topics, committees, research contributions, registration, and accommodation.

European Society of Ethnopharmacology

Alliance of national European associations who share a common interest in the study of traditional pharmacopoeias. Represents a number of professionals and specialists.

Folklore, Tradition, or Know-How?

Looks at the ethnopharmacological approach to drug discovery. Gives research, approaches, intellectual property rights, and conservation issues.

Frontiers in Ethnopharmacology

Compiles relevant articles and papers on all aspects of the field, with journal background and archives.

International Society for Ethnopharmacology

Publishes news and updates that feature indigenous drugs.

Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Interdisciplinary publication serving as the official journal of the International Society for Ethnopharmacology.

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