Forensic Science

Compute Forensics World

Open resource for those in the digital forensics industry. Features interactive facilities such as surveys, forums and message boards. Includes news and relevant articles.

Crime-Historian and Storyteller

Lists references, scientific forensic research details, and historic crime summaries.

Dr. Zeno's Forensic Site

Contains information on forensic science, forensic psychiatry and other aspects of forensic evidence. Includes FAQs, a forum and free forensic web space.

European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI)

Expert forensic sciences group working to ensure the quality of development and delivery of forensic science in Europe.

FingerPrint USA

Providing expert consulting and technical services.

Forensic Evidence

Information center in forensic science containing articles on law and public policy for lawyers, forensic scientists, educators and public officials. Online subscription is accommodated.

Forensic Evidence

Presents links to resources on law and public policies with emphasis on forensic evidences.

Forensic Files from Court TV

Features shows that detail the history and concepts of forensic investigation techniques.

Forensic Mathematics

Charles H. Brenner provides resources for consulting in forensic mathematics.

Forensic Science Central

Presents information on the methods and techniques of forensic science.

Forensic Science Central

Explains the applications of the scientific field that is used in legal investigations.

The Forensic Science Foundation

Nonprofit organization dedicated to studying the application of the sciences for the resolution of social and legal issues. Develops and conducts forensic science education and training programs, promotes public education about the field, and explores new ways to improve the forensic sciences.

Forensic Science Initiative

Training, outreach, and research initiative aimed at providing free training and continuing education to public providers of forensic services.

The Forensic Science Portal

Features a news center, discussion forum and calendar of events. Also provides information on laboratories, experts and university programs in the field of forensic science.

Forensic Science Resources

Compiles resources and educational links to different forensic science fields and organizations.

Forensics Geology

Site of Dr. Raymond C. Murray, a forensics geologist. Information on Murray's services and professional achievements are presented.

Contains forums, opportunities, and guides on Canadian forensic science courses and jobs.


Online source for forensic science information, resources, and tools created and maintained by the American Forensic Nurses, Inc.

Latent Print Examination

Providing information on firgerprinting, expert topics, investigator topics, consultants directory, dictionary, and online processing guide.

Mitretek Systems

Shows the organization’s methods and tools to promote forensic sciences in the criminal justice agencies in North America.

Mitretek Sytems

Nonprofit scientific research and engineering corporation aims to address scientific issues and challenges of national significance.

Reddy’s Forensic Page

Personal portal of a forensic scientist with the NYPD. Includes forensics science journals, scientific working groups, calendar of meetings and events and a list of colleges offering forensic science programs.

Tennessee Criminal Law Resources

Online resource for criminal law, which includes a link to forensic science information.

Zeno's Forensic Page

Shows references and materials relating to forensic sciences, medicine and psychology topics.

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