Plasma Physics Laboratories

Auburn University Plasma Physics

Discusses plasma, highlights research projects, and shows publication lists.

Australian National University Plasma Research Laboratory

Shows research highlights, staff profiles, and contact details.

Culham Science Center

Explains research projects, shows event schedules, and gives a background on the organization.

Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Laboratory

Highlights researches in electric propulsion and plasma thrusters. Also discusses problems in plasma physics fields.

Electron Beam Ion Trap Facility at NIST

Features an electron beam which creates, traps, and probes highly charged ions.

Intense Energy Beam Laboratory, University of Michigan

Explains the interactions between beams of electrons, ions, plasma, microwaves, laser light and radio frequency radiation.

Laboratory of Ecole Polytechnique

Studies tokamak instabilities, transport and turbulence. Also includes researches in low pressure discharges and high energy density plasmas.

Laboratory of Plasma Accelerator Physics - Belarus Academy of Science

Discusses the research highlights, shows experimental setups, and provides staff profiles.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Presents business opportunities, shows organizational highlights, and discusses research collaborations.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Discusses research progress, shows job opportunities, and presents project highlights.

Los Alamos National Laboratory - MFE Experiments

Researches on magnetic fusion applications.

MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Discusses reports on the advancements of research projects, shows educational resources, and presents event schedules.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Fusion Energy Division

Explains highlights on the plasma theories, technologies and experimental collaborations.

Plasma Engineering Laboratory at Northeastern University

Focuses on developing designs on plasmas and microplasmas used in low-temperature industrial processes and sensors.

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Explains fusion basics, shows highlights on projects, and discusses research advancements.

Redmond Plasma Physics Laboratory

Presents profiles of lab personnel, highlights project collaborations; and shows schedules of meetings and presentations.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Plasma Dynamics Laboratory

Research focuses on the plasma engineering and electromagnetic fields.

University of Malaya Plasma Physics Laboratory

Shows experimentations on pulse electronics, gas dynamic experiment, flash x-ray experiment, and plasma emission spectroscopy.

University of Texas at Dallas Plasma Applications Laboratory

Explains highlights and developments of the research done for plasmas used in semiconductor processing.

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