Individual Physicists

A. John Mallinckrodt

Homepage of a professor of Physics contains personal information, schedule of classess, and details about his works.

Abigail Nussey

Provides biography of the Boston University graduate and includes details about her interests in Mathematical Physics.

Ajay Chaudhari

Provides educational links on dielectric relaxation, heterogeneous catalytic reaction and finite element method.

Alexey Sergeev

Includes educational background, photos, and list of publications of the postdoctoral researcher.

Amara Graps

Studies concepts and advancements on circumplanetary dust physics, astronomical signal and image analysis.

Ard van Bergen

Works as an independent scientific consultant on theoretical physics matters. Shows publication highlights and curriculum vitae.

Barbara De Lotto

Contains event schedules, presents article archives, and offers resource links.

Benedykt Jany

Presents research portfolio, compiles resources, and shows contact details.

Brenton Watkins

Explores the scientist’s research collaborations, projects, and articles.

Chang Liu and Na Deng

Compiles photos, shows research highlights, and discusses personal information of the teaching assistant.

Chuck Niederriter

Shows the professor’s academic interests, scientific resource links, and picture galleries.

Clare Quarman

Explains research projects, shows technical tips, and displaysphotograph collections.

Colin Baxter

Explores the professor’s research interests in theoretical physics fields.

Colin Baxter

Homepage of Colin Baxter, theoretical physicist. Research interests include quantum optics, atomic and molecular physics, mechanical effects of radiation (radiation presure).

COS Expertise

Features tools for searching home pages and contact details of scientists working on medical physics research.

Dario Mitnik

Researcher on atomic physics, electron impact ionization, excitation and recombination, parallelization of the R-matrix codes, distorted waves method, and time dependent method.

Davison E. Soper

Discusses the theoretical elementary particle theory.

Doron Cohen

Highlights the researches done on quantum mechanics, quantum chaos, theory of driven mesoscopic systems, quantum irreversibility, dissipation and dephasing.

Dr. Darkmatter

Features pictures of astronomical phenomenon, shows research highlights, and provides educational articles.

Dr. Iitaka's Home Page

Explores the researches done in the field of computational physics, quantum physics, earth sciences and mineralogy.

Ed Boyden

Researches on computation and neruoengineering physics.

Edward Chin Wang Lee

Presents engineering physics reports and references; and shows personal resume and biography.

Edward F. Redish

Discusses projects, classes, and activities relevant to theoretical nuclear physics.

Einstein, Albert

Provides Einstien overview, moments, physics resources, archives, quotations, photo gallery, and related pages.

Elena Caceres

Explains the string theory, gauge/string duality and QCD.

Famous Physicists and Astronomers

Compiles accomplishment details and biographies of the scientific individuals that made an impact to physics and astronomy.

Farouk Faris

Shows games, resources, and educational links relating to biophysics, biomedical engineering, and medical physics.

Gennady Miloshevsky

Presents resources and links relevant to computational fluid dynamics, particle-solid and plasma interaction physics, plasma physics, biophysics of membrane proteins.

Giovanni Lasio

Compiles educational materials relevant to energy and medical physics.

Gordon Aubrecht

Provides energy and recycling information, shows links to physics organizations, and compiles papers on high energy physics.

Greg Kochanski

Features research results and papers relevant to astrophysics and linguistics.

Gregory Falkovich

Shows course outlines and resources; and compiles publication lists relevant to thermodynamics, statistical physics, and fluid mechanics.

Guy Peralta

Compiles resources and publications on nuclear forces, high energy proton collisions, and the group structure of grand unified theories.

Hanif Bayat Movahed

Shows the relation between conformation and thermodynamics; and discusses the projects relating to protein structural transition in the biological systems.

Harvey Leff

Features the research and family information of the professor.

Howard Schultz

Explores environmental monitoring, 3D terrain reconstruction, and improvement of classifier performances.

Jean-Pascal Rueff

Explains basics on x-ray scattering and cryptography, shows physics-related resources, and presents picture galleries.

Jens A. Berger

Discusses the experiments and researches done by the physicist. Also includes publication list of physics-related materials.

Jose Mendes

Focuses on researching the structure and development of communications networks.

Kristjan Kannike

Shows tools to renormalize group equations, contains links to resources involving science and culture, and presents tutorials on the LaTeX program.

Kurchatov, Igor

PBS presents the story of a complex, world-class physicist who became the driving force behind the Soviet Union's race to develop the atomic bomb.


Discusses the highlights of the researches done in the field of plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion.

Marcelo Gleser

Contains teaching resources, shows lecture highlights, and presents research details.

Massimiliano Alvioli

Discusses the theories on Hadronic physics and parallel computations.

Matt Young

Explores the development on the fields of optics, optical communications, and metrology.

Matthews, Rick

Wake Forrest professor provides information on research, teaching, and contact details.

Michio Kaku

Researches on the unification of the fundamental forces in physics. Shows highlights of the experiments conducted.

Mike Crivello

Presents links to the various propulsion laboratories on the region, shows details on lab materials, and provides physics tutorials.

Oliver Rudzick

Discusses the interests, work experiences, and educational qualifications of the physicists involved in non-liner dynamics researches.

Ricardo Ramirez-Gomez

Discusses features and highlights of the DFE firmware.

Richard Hugtenburg

Compiles resources of the scientific expert interested in researching theoretical radiobiology and microdosimetry.

Richard Wilson

Provides papers on research projects involving chemical carinogens, radiation, and arsenic.

Roger Smith

Explains details of the undergraduate internship programs, shows highlights on research papers, and discusses the experiences of the physicist.

Roger Vogelsang

Compiles articles and papers on various contemporary physical concepts. Also contains educational resource links.

Rolf Koenenkamp

Discusses research interests, shows publications, and presents educational resources of the professor from Portland State University.

Scientific Explorations And Adventures

Physicist Paul Doherty offers a listing of science workshops, powerpoints, and science explorations.

Space Physics Group at U Washington

Describes the highlights of the group that studies natural occurances of plasma in the universe.

Stephane Job

Discusses the physicist’s areas of research and teaching on the fields of granular material acoustics, aeroacoustics, and thermoacoustics.

Stephen L. Levy

Shows the experiences, research areas, and photos of the scientific expert studying particle physics.

Sulaiman Kareem

Researches on the properties of cell adhesion molecules to determine receptor-ligand phenotypes.

Sunil Mukhi

Compiles educational references and links to string theories and topological matrix models.

Sven Menke

Experiments on high-energy physics at the OPAL, BaBar, and Atlas facilities. Research focuses on calorimetry, QCD, and tau-physics.

Theodore Liolios

Expert on pycnonuclear reactions, astrophysical energies, and issues on standard solar models. Shows work achievements and shows resources on the physical concepts.

Thomas Nattermann

Shows the physicist’s talks, publications, and research projects about theoretical and statistical physics.

Vladimir Montealegre PhD MBA BSc

Research interests in Complex Networks and their applications. Interdisciplinary background in physics, business administration and risk management.

Volodymyr V. Krasnoholovets

Researches on the submicroscopic construction of nature. Shows resource links.

Wu, Jiun-Huei Proty

Highlights program codes for cosmology applications, shows research details, and presents resource links.

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