Physics Optics

Advanced Liquid Crystal Technologies, Inc.

Conducts research and product visions for Orientable Gases and Liquids and Science and the Art. Also presents images of Spiral Patterns, Broken Symmetries of Life and Closing the Turing Loop plus details on publications.

Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology

Explains terms and principles of laser physics, nonlinear optics, ultrashort laser pulses, optoelectronics, and optical fiber technology. Also contains the blog "Photonics Spotlight.".

European Optical Society

Forum for individuals and groups used to disseminate general facts about the importance and usage of optics to the public and private industries.

History of the Telescope and Binocular

References for Telescope and Binocular overview and images compiled by Peter Abrahams.

International Commission for Optics

Contributes internationally on the basis of developing and diffusing of facts on the field of optics.

Light Bullet

Covers a study about the stunning phenomena of light bullets and strong stable spherical pulses of laser light through bulk glass and gaseous media.

Optical Society of America

Promotes the generation, application, archiving and worldwide dissemination of knowledge in optics and photonics.

Optical Tweezers Center

Features a study about the technique built upon the principle of trapping small particles and used for biophysical or biological studies.

Optics Express

Publishes articles that reports on the new developments, which cater to the interests of the optics community.

Optics Notes

Offering optics and photonics resources, tutorials, and references.

Photonics and optics portal provides technical resources, optical software, and links to optics companies optics research centers.

Lasers, optics and photonics resources and news.

Photonics Jobs Inc.

Provides resources for employment opportunities on laser, optic, fiber-optic, and photonics industries.

Providing photonics professionals with up-to-date news, products, events and suppliers in the photonics industry.

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