Nuclear Physics

ABC's of Nuclear Science

Introduction to nuclear science with online presentations, a glossary, experiments, and safety information.

American Nuclear Society

Serves its members in their efforts to develop and safely apply nuclear science and technology for public benefit through knowledge exchange, professional development, and enhanced public understanding.

Brookhaven National Laboratory: Nuclear Wallet Cards

Presents list of properties for ground and isomeric states of all known nuclides. Also includes details about a booklet in its 7th edition provided by Dr. Jagdish K. Tuli.

Canadian Penning Trap

Provides details about a spectrometer situated at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, USA. Presents a schematic figure of the mass spectrometer.

Crystal Growth and Production of Gamma Radiation Detectors

Article contains discussion on the gamma radiation detectors prepared from Bridgman growth crystals. Includes details about schematic figures.

E-Print Network

Research resources for scientists and engineers that provide searchable data for Science and Technology.


Contains a database with a search by subject, country, and acronym feature. Includes information related to the fields of nuclear science and technology.

International Energy Prize: Global Energy

Presents monthly news, conference photos, and details about the winners of the global energy international prize for outstanding theoretical, experimental and applied research, development, inventions, and discoveries.

Isotope Explorer

Provides overview on the Windows application used to interactively access and show nuclear data, and search for related literatures.

National Nuclear Data Center

Government site providing comprehensive data and statistics regarding nuclear power and technology.

Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference

Annual meeting of engineers and scientists presents the latest techniques for enhancing the performance of microelectronic devices and circuits that are used in radiation environments.

Nuclear Physics

Presents an article that contains introduction and discussion about atoms and includes an illustration of the periodic table of elements.

Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee

Working to strengthen European collaboration in nuclear science through the promotion of nuclear physics and its trans-disciplinary use and application in collaborative ventures between research groups within Europe.

Spallation Neutron Source

Shows highlights of the facility that develops technologies used for scientific and industrial research institutions.

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