Nikola Tesla Physicist

Astrocartography of Tesla

Contains digital scans of the cartography. Provides information about the Transcendental Mercury.

Nikola Tesla

Collection for information for the Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, and scientist.

Nikola Tesla – Pure Genius

Presents details on places and the people associated with Tesla. Includes information about his works.

Nikola Tesla Museum

Provides information about Tesla's documents, his belongings, and the urn with which his ashes were placed.

PBS: Tesla - Master of Lightning

Contains studies and interviews of Tesla, which were conducted by Margaret Cheney, Jim Hardesty, Dennis Papadopoulos ,and Bernard Finn.

Rich's Tribute to Nikola Tesla

Describes his study on nature and nature’s law. Contains biography of Tesla and links to resources about his contributions.

Tesla Memorial Society of New York

Highlights photo and the book of Tesla. Also features his biography and works.

Tesla Wardenclyffe Project

Features the Austrian inventor, physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer's century-old laboratory. Also includes details on his contributions in electricity and magnetism.

Twenty First Century Books: Tesla

Contains newsletters, FAQs, and featured writings of the inventor, electrical engineer, and physicist.

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