Albert Einstein Physicist

1905: Science’s Miracle Year

Presents the series of studies Einstein has conducted within the year.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Presents quotations and posters of the scientists-mathematician. Also includes his biography and works.

Albert Einstein and the Atomic Bomb

Discusses the probable indirect role of Einstein towards the development of the atomic bomb.

Albert Einstein Reference Archive

Provides the biography and written outputs of Einstein. Also provides information about his scientific studies on relativity.

Albert Einstein: Prophet or Plagiarist

Discusses the works of Einstein on relativity, cosmologic theory, superluminal light, and his prediction of the eclipse in 1919.

Bartleby: Relativity

Provides an outline of Einstein’s theories and written articles. Also includes his biography.

Einstein and His Patents

Discusses the exclusive rights granted by the government to Einstein. Provides a tabular data on the lists of his patents.

Einstein Archives Online

Offers an extensive collection of digital manuscripts and information on the work of Einstein.

The Einstein File

Features a book containing information about the campaign done on the scientist to trace his input or influence on the invention of the atomic bomb.

Einstein Papers Project

Provides information on the collected papers of Albert Einstein, with series and volumes included.

Einstein: Science and Religion

Features written works of Einstein on science and religion. Also includes topics on religious concepts.

Einstein’s Big Idea

Features an article entitled, “Genius Among Geniuses” by Thomas Levenson.

Einstein-Image and Impact

Presents pictures of Einstein and his family chronologically categorized, with brief overviews on his life.

Einstein's Big Idea

Companion site to the PBS NOVA program. Features articles, audio clips, and interactive content.

Galileo and Einstein

Contains lecture notes of Michael Fowler about the lives and studies of the two scientists.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Albert Einstein Archives

Resource for Einstein's works and personal life. Includes information about his estate.

The Incorrigible Plagiarist

Contains information about the book entitled, “Albert Einstein the Incorrigible Plagiarist” by Christopher Jon Bjerknes. Albert Einstein Quotes

Highlights the formula of the relativity theory. Also contains quotations from the genius himself.

Monthly Review: Albert Einstein

Features an article written by Albert Einstein entitled, “Why Socialism?”.

My Saturday Afternoons With Albert Einstein

Narratives authored by Ralph D. Gardner, neighbor and friend of Einstein during his crucial years.

Space Time Wrinkles

Contains information about Einstein’s special and general theory on relativity.

The World As I See It

Article from Albert Einstein presented by The Center for the History of Physics.

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