Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov

Russian mathematician who became a contributor on various fields such as the probability theory, topology, intuitionist logic, turbulence, classical mathematics, and computational complexity.

Cornelius Lanczos Collection

Physicist and mathematician who contributed in the disciplines of general relativity, quantum mechanics, scientific computations, and numerical analysis.

David Jonathan Gross

American physicist and string theorist. Contains biography of the person.

Galileo and Einstein

Contains information about the Babylon form of writing and counting, early Greek science from Thales to Plato, basic ideas in mathematics, and the use of geometry to understand the stars.

Ludwig Boltzmann

Austrian physicist. With contributions in the field of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics.

Nobel Prize in Physics Winners

Awardees of 1901–2006 in physics. Initiated by Alfred Nobel, the inventor of the dynamite.

Nobel Prize Internet Archive

Provides information on the winners of the 2006 awards under the physics category.

Pictures of Famous Physicists

Provides photos of Nobel Prize winners from 1971 to 1991. Also includes images of 20th-century physicists and contributors to quantum theory, and pictures of Albert Einstein.

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