Alternative Physics

Allan’s Time Interval Metrology Enterprises

Provides an overview about the unified field theory and its relationship between gravity, mass, energy density, and weak and strong nuclear force fields.

Alternative Physics

Explains physics from a purely classical viewpoint and without the claims of modern theories.


Article presents the theory and principles on how the existence of a carbon-based life on earth came to be. Also contains discussions.

Classical Mechanics

Presents a dissertation by Alejandro A. Torassa that discusses the mechanics, kinematics, dynamics, and conservation laws of particles.

Creation of Momentum

Contains a content review about a radiation and shadowing model that focuses on the basic elements of remote force interactions.

Einstein Conspiracy

Theory of the supressed history of an alternative physics, and the associated conspiracy against Albert Einstein.

Emotions Universe

An alternate universe model with appropriate physical and mathematical bases.


Working to facilitate the practical discovery and implementation of free energy, gravity control, and electronic health.

Singularity Technologies

Producers of the SkyBolt Fusion Reactor provide information on low energy fusion, and concepts of fusion.

Tired Light

Showcases a book about the alternative theory of the expanding universe.

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