Math Magic Squares

All You Wanted to Know About Magic Squares

Contains a number of articles about magic squares, either by the author or by the other contributors. With references and magic square links. Magic Squares Game

Magic squares fascinates topic in mathematics for centuries. Includes math tools and games.

Amof: Info on Magic Squares

Presents description of the problem. With history and examples.

Finding Magic Squares Using CCM

Contains integers from 1 to N. With the method of competition and related references.

Grog's Magic Squares

Reflects fascination with large numbers and presents techniques to reduce huge numbers. Includes downloads, links, and contact details.

Java applet

Information about the university's profile, which includes organization and mission, facts and figures, study methods, and objectives. With partnerships and contact details.

Magic Square Puzzle

Presents projects, which include parking spots and bisonarium. With FAQs and related links.

Magic Squares

Provides information about the applet control and the definition of magic squares. Includes details about the java code.

Magic Squares

Presents magic square history, approaches in solving math problems, and creating new magic squares from the old ones. With more information.

Magic Squares and Hyper Cubes

Contains information which includes examples, instructions, and online applications. With a map and electronic mail information.

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