Prime Numbers Theory

Applets for Prime Numbers

Features a collection of interesting facts about Proth primes. Also shows definitions.

Are the Prime Numbers Randomly Distributed?

Provides questions to prime numbers and answers to them. Also gives downloads and graphs.

Ask Dr. Math FAQ: Prime Numbers

Provides a definition of a prime number. Includes samples of the first few prime numbers.

Entropy and Prime Numbers

Shows a construction of the adjacency matrix and evaluation of the entropy. With contact information.

Generalized Fermat Prime Search

Provides an article on its history, downloads, and reservations. With related links.

Generalized Woodall Numbers

Features a list of generalized Woodall primes. Also shows updates and contact information.

Hardy-Littlewood Constants

Shows the author's book on Mathematical Constants. With a number of math topics for discussion.

Introduction to Twin Primes and Brun's Constant

Contains discussions on counting twin primes and numerical results. Shows an illustration on numerical examples.

K-Tuple Permissible Patterns

Shows some findings using an exhaustive search. With tables and information concerning the hardy-littlewood conjecture.

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