Mathematical Biology Research Groups

(Finland) University of Helsinki

Contains an information on the research group's research study about the biology of species inhabiting fragmented landscapes.

(Portugal) Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras

Shows the members of the research group. Includes research studies, meetings, and publications.

(UK) King's College London

Studies include general math properties of models of development and their implications for evolution, and control in physiology and geophysiology.

(UK) University of Bath

Facilitates communication between mathematicians and biologists. With location and contact information.

(UK) University of Cambridge

Provides researh and teachings, and location. Includes seminars, workshops, and contact details.

(UK) University of Dundee

Presents a list of publications in 2006 and newsletters. With pictures and related links.

(UK) University of London, University College

Discusses the challenges arising from complexity in biology and medicine. With seminars and workshops.

(UK) University of Oxford

Publications include theses, recent papers, and books and special issues. With events, programs, and links.

(UK) University of St Andrews

Links researchers from the schools of Mathematics and Statistics, Biology and Geography and Geosciences. With training workshops and annual reports.

(USA) California State University, Los Angeles

Covers a spectrum of activities to test the nonlinear population theory. Includes downloads and publications.

(USA) North Carolina State University

Offers courses leading to Masters and Doctoral degrees. Includes seminars, links, and contact details.

(USA) Stanford University

Features a list of the recent publications, recent areas, and people. With location and contact details.

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