Physical Chemistry

Ab Initio Investigation of Water Clusters

Presents investigative reports about water clusters, shows structural diagrams, and contains resources.

Dr. Aiko Huckauf's

Discusses current projects, affiliated partners, and list of publications of the chemist.

European Physical Society

Facilitates activities and educational workshops to promote physics and physicists in the European continent.

Gas Research Institute

Provides data for reaction mechanisms of small molecules and radicals. Includes resources and research links.

Mathtrek Systems - EQS4WIN

Presents software that provides assistance for calculating equilibrium concentrations for five compounds and two elements.

Nail M. Shavaleev : Lanthanide Luminescence

Compiles discussions about the research on anthanide luminescence, chemiluminescence and coordination chemistry.

Nuclear Data Dissemination Home Page

Compiles research and resource materials relating to nuclear structure and decay.

Physical Chemistry 1, Lund University

Provides resources for research projects involving surface and colloid science.

Rate Increase in Chemical Reaction and its Variance under Turbulent Equilibrium

Presents the abstract version of the paper by Shunichi Tsuge discussing the chemical reaction under Turbulent Equilibrium.

Table of the Nuclides

Provides illustrations and diagrams mapping known nuclides.

Water Structure and Behavior

Discusses the behavior and properties of water and the hydration process.

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