Chemistry Elements Chlorine

ChemGlobe – Chlorine

Table featured presenting key isotopes of the element. With data on its origin, discovery and chemical composition.

Chemical – Chlorine

Summarizes basic information on the element’s structure, discovery, isotopes, atomic classifications and physical forms.

Chlorine Cl2

Points out the element’s characteristics and behavior in different uses. Includes numerical data.

Environmental – Chlorine

Overview of the element’s different aspects including chemical composition, atomic structure and configuration of electrons.

Jefferson Lab – Chlorine

Discusses its industrial applications and chemical compounds. Cites other details relevant to its occurrence.

Lenntech – Chlorine

Effects of the element presented as well as information on its electronegativity, atomic structure and discovery.

Visual Elements – Chlorine

Reference provided for the element’s characteristics, origin and industrial applications.

Web – Chlorine

Brief introduction to its physical and chemical forms including details on atomic structure and grouping scheme.

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