Chemistry Education

18th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education

Provides brief introduction, program schedule and important speakers in the convention intended to provide teachers in chemistry the chance to interact in various settings.

Academic Chemistry Departments in the United States

Compiles details of the various scientific institutions located within the continent. Indexed alphabetically or by state.

Chemathon – University of Maryland

Posts the latest news about the chemistry competition held annually for high school students in Maryland, North Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Chembytes Info Zone

Provides various links and resources related to the field of chemistry such as the timeline and the gallery.

Chemical Carousel – A Trip Around the Carbon Cycle

Illustrates the nature of the carbon cycle through the exploration of the traditional and scientific side.

Chemical Education Library

Collaborative, community-driven effort with exemplary digital resources, tools, and online services for teaching and learning chemistry.

Chemistry – A Project of the American Chemical Society

Provides interactive exercises, visualization and learning tools to help students in reviewing basic concepts in chemistry.

Chemistry Tutoring Center – Towson University

Supplies pertinent information regarding tutorial services in Chemistry that includes tutorial schedule, sign up instructions and subjects taken up.

The Chemogenesis Web Book

Focuses on exploring the periodic table of elements and its origins in the chemical structure and reactivity of the elements.

ChemWeb – Introduction to Chemistry

Informative study guide designed for students taking up high school chemistry, AP Chemistry and first year level chemistry.

ENTROPY and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Contains educational articles explaining entropy and the second law.

Environmental Chemistry

Provides the latest news, information and resources regarding environmental, chemistry and hazardous materials.

Erik’s Chemistry

Collection of notes in Chemistry, AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry available for viewing and reading.

Haber Process Research

Features the history, uses and raw materials as well as reversible reactions of the method used in World War 1 to produce ammonia.

Hands on Plastics

Science education resource presents students and teachers with resources that discuss the chemistry and characteristics of plastics.

How Stuff Works

Supplies explanations to questions regarding the concepts behind the workings of the daily commodities in life.

Institute for Chemical Education

Provides educational programs and workshops aimed at disseminating chemistry information.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory – California Institute of Technology

Downloadable science module activity featuring the interactive simulation of the periodic table of elements for the use of teachers and students.

Kiwi Web – Chemistry and New Zealand

Devoted to imparting knowledge in Detergent Chemistry and Chemistry to students through short abstracts and articles.

KryssTal – Chemistry

Compilation of essays focusing on providing facts on the elements, chemical reactions and other topics under the field of Chemistry.


Provides various educational resources in chemistry that benefits teachers, students and home learners.

Martindale’s The Virtual Chemistry Center

Repository of journals, courses, databases, videos and movies as well as courses and textbooks and teaching modules in the field.

National Mole Day Foundation, Inc.

Commemorates the Avogadro’s Number and dedicated to fostering schools’ interest in chemistry.

The Net Equation

Introduces background information of the basic concepts and methods in employed in the field of chemistry.

The Organometallic HyperTextBook

Presents a hypertext guide to organometallic chemistry.

Osmosis Reverse and Osmotic Pressure

Full-length article explaining the concept of osmosis and its effect in a biological environment.


Introduces the concept of petrochemistry, the application of chemistry for fundamental human needs.

Polymers and Liquid Crystals

Provides a basic introduction at the college freshman level to the fields of polymers, liquid crystals (LC) polymer LC and LC displays.

Science is Fun

Shares home science activities, demonstration shows, videos and books on science to enable students to experience the fun in science.

Science Section

Indexed tutorials ranging in topics from balancing chemical equations to oxidation and reduction.

Stu’s Atom Page

Illustrated guide on the history of atoms, its structure and how it affects everyone.


Provides chemistry quiz activities and games for students at various grade levels.

University Chemistry Departments

Virtual library provides links to chemistry academic departments by country.

Voyages in Chemistry

Video clips of various laboratory experiments in chemistry such as the Meissner Effect and Thermite Reaction.

Water Structure and Behavior

Collection of articles devoted to explaining the chemistry and concept of the water molecule.

Water-related Pseudoscience, Fantasy and Quackery

Provides vast database of information related to water and distinguishes the genuine from the bogus.

What's That Stuff?

Answers to that question are found here in this collection of articles that look at the chemistry in everyday products.

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