Absolute Astronomy: Apicomplexa

Offers characteristics of members of this phylum, links to related topics, and definitions.

Apicomplexa(=Sporozoa in Part)

Discusses the impact of this group to human health. With illustrations.

Comparative Analysis of Apicomplexa and Genomic Diversity in Eukaryotes

Provides access to the study by Thomas J. Templeton, et. al.

Discovery of the Principal Specific Transcription Factors of Apicomplexa

Provides a copy of the article by S. Balaji, et. al.

High Prevalence of Hepatozoon Spp. (Apicomplexa, Hepatozoidae) Infection in Water Pythons

Presents article by Beata Ujvari, Thomas Madsen and Mats Olssonc.

Introduction to the Apicomplexa

Provides basic information on these parasitic, pathogenic protists.

Investigating Phylogenetic Relationships Within the Apicomplexa

Offers access to the study by Barta JR.

ITIS Report: Apicomplexa

Provides information on taxonomic status, hierarchy and nomenclature. Includes references, comments, and resources.

Little Introduction into the Coccidia (Protozoa, Apicomplexa, Eimeria spp.)

Information on this protozoan parasite of chickens, turkeys and rabbits.

New Apicomplexa-Specific Protein Kinase Family

Provides access to the research by Achim G Schneider and Odile Mercereau-Puijalon.

Plastid in the Apicomplexans?

Features an article a unique characteristic of these parasites.

San Francisco State University Phylum Apicomplexa

Information on Plasmodium, the malarial parasite.

Species Accounts Apicomplexa

Presents a listing of member species.

Sporozoa - Apicomplexa

Offers distinguishing characteristics of this protist group. With images.

Tulane University Apicomplexa

Describes the unique features of these protists.

University of British Columbia Apicomplexa

Offers educational resource on this protist group.

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