Offers a database of marine, terrestrial and freshwater representatives of these organisms.

Amoebae on the Web

Presents information on the identification and classification of this particular member of the protist kingdom. By Alexey Smirnov of St. Petersburg University.

Biological Diversity: Protists: Stem Eukaryotes

Provides information on the probable history, evolution, distribution and unique characteristics of the members of this kingdom. With illustrations and links.

Biology of Protists

Offers an educational video showing the diversity of Kingdom Protista. With preview of images.

Cells Alive Protozoa Parasites

Offers information in video format on two of the most dangerous species in the protists kingdom.

Chlamydomonas Center

Provides access to information on this particular species of green algae. Includes news, databases, collections and other online resources.

Department of Systematic Biology Botany Algae

Provides access to images and information on this group of organisms from the collections of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History.

Dictybase Morphogenesis

Provides access to videos of slime mold slugs.

Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology Microbe Zoo

Information on these organisms that can be found on any environment on the planet and possibly even beyond.

Droplet Amateur Microscopy of the Protozoa

Offers images of these microscopic organisms. With links to related sites.

E-class Topic: Protists

Provides educational materials on the distinguishing features of members of this kingdom. Includes information on members that resembles fungi, animals or plants.

Freakin Fucus Alternative Seaweed Resource

Provides educational materials on the macroalgae. Includes news, research initiative and forums.

Fun Science Gallery Introduction to the Protists

Highlights the distinguishing features of the members of the kingdom. Includes the major subgroups.

Great Lakes Diatoms

Provides information on the freshwater members of this group of algae.

Harmful Algae Page

Offers information on species that causes red tide and other ill-effects on human and animal health. Includes news, symposia and images.

Index Nominum Algarum Bibliographia Phycologica Universalis

Offers access to the collection of algal names maintained by Paul Silva of the University of California Herbarium.

Introduction to the Basal Eukaryotes

Provides information on some of the most important groups of basal protists. With links to related sites.

Introduction to the Chromista

Information on these orgnisms include their diverse morphologies, unique features and ecological importance.

Introduction to the Slime Molds

Describes the unique features of the organisms that were formerly thought of to be fungi.

Kingdom Protista (Single-celled Organisms)

Presents information on the phyla and other subdivisions of this group.

Natural Perspective Protoctist Kingdom Protoctistae

Prresents an overview of the multi-cellular organisms that are neither plant, animal or fungi.

Ohio University Algae Home Page

Provides access to pictures of representative species from various groups. With links to related sites.

Protist Image Data

Provides information amd images on members of the kingdom. Includes links to resources on related fields.

Protist Information Server

Provides access to images and movie clips. Includes databases, books and related sites.

Protistan Phyla

Provides links to resources on the members of the kingdom.


Presents information on the general features of the members of this kingdom. Includes descriptions and illustrations of the major subgroups.


Discusses the derivation of the nomenclature including the unique characteristics of the members of this kingdom.

Sidwell Friends School: Kingdom Protista

Contains information on the simplistic members of this group, including movement, reproduction, early evolution, and taxonomic explanation.

Slime Mould Solves Maze Puzzle

News article on primitive form of intelligence exhibited by these organisms.

World of Algae

Provides basic information on these organisms. With links to related sites.

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