Angiophytes: Using Whole Plant Concepts to Interpret Angiosperm Origins

Presents a novel method in the study of the history of flowering plants. By Gar W. Rothwell.

Angiosperm Phylogeny

Information on the different branches and representatives of this phylum.

Angiosperm Pollination Syndromes

Presents the various ways by which fertilization is achieved. With photos.

Angiosperm-like Pollen from the Ammonite-dated Oxfordian Upper Jurassic of France

Describes the discovery of fossil samples that proves the possible existence of ancient representatives of flowering plants in this time period.


Presents the distinguishing characteristics of the members of the phylum.

Biology Angiosperms

Provides access to indexed images of flowering plants.

Biology Online Angiosperms

Provides information on the members of the flowering plants. Includes characteristics and subgroups.

BSCI 124 Lecture Notes Kinds of Plants: Flowering Plants

Offers educational material on the most successful phylum in the plant kingdom. With links to related sites.

Deep Time: A Comprehensive Phylogenetic Tree of Living and Fossil Angiosperms

Presents the rationale, methodologies, meetings and activities of the project.

Dicot-Like Leaf and Flowers from the Late Triassic Tropical Newark Supergroup Rift Zone USA

Presents a paper describing an ancient member of the flowering plants based on fossil evidence. By Bruce Cornet.

Dino-Era Fossil-The First Flower?

Features an article by Ben Harder on two fossil specimens of Archaefructus found in China. From National Geographic News.

Early Angiosperms: Paleophytogeography and Depositional Settings

Presentation materials dealing with the ancestors of flowering plants. By Natalia Holden. Angiosperm

Reviews definition, pictures, video, related research topics, and magazine and newspaper articles.

Families of Flowering Plants: Descriptions, Illustrations, Identification, Information Retrieval

Presents a paper on the subgroups under the phylum. By L. Watson and M.J. Dallwitz.

Floral Gene Resources from Basal Angiosperms for Comparative Genomics Research

Presents a copy of the paper. With list of authors and their emails.

Flowering Plant Diversity

Offers a discussion on the various members of the phylum. With illustrations, pictures and links to related sites.

Gigantopteroid Origin of Angiosperms

Presents a theory on the early history of the flowering plants based on collaborative research on fossil specimens.

In Search of the First Flower: A Jurassic Angiosperm Archaefructus from Northeast China

Presents a study that hints of a more ancient beginning for the ancestors of the phylum.

Introduction to the Antophyta

Presents information on the flowering plants including their unique characteristics. With links to related sites.

Leaf Venation and Reproductive Structures of a Late Triassic Angiosperm Sanmiguelia Lewisii

Presents the study conducted by Bruce Cornet on an ancient representative of the phylum.

Magnoliophyta or Angiosperms

Presents the derivation of the phylum nomenclature including the group's distinctive features.

Nature Works Angiosperms

Offers information on the phylum that comprises around 80% of all plants in the planet.

Origin of Angiosperms

Discusses the developments behind the study of the early history of the flowering plants.

Origin of the Angiosperm Carpel and Stamen

Presents a paper on the evolution of flowering plants following the discovery of a fossil. By Bruce Cornet. The full title of the paper is "A New Gnetophyte from the Late Carnian (Late Triassic) of Texas and its Bearing on the Origin of the Angiosperm Carpel and Stamen.".

Paleontology Portal: Angiosperms

Discusses morphology and links to images of ancient relatives of today's flowering plants.

Phylum Magnoliophyta

Describes the unique features, diversity and reproductive characteristics of the flowering plants. With links to images.

PinkMonkey Angiosperms Dicotyledons

Provides a study guide on the subject. Includes distinguishing features and major divisions.

Reproduction in Angiosperms

Offers information on the propagation system that is operative in members of the phylum.

Reproductive Characters

Presents a diagram detailing the various parts of a flower. With illustrations and photos.

Reproductive Morphology and Biology of Sanmiguelia Lewisii and its Bearing on Angiosperm Evolution i

Provides a copy of the paper on one of the early representatives of the flowering plants. By Bruce Cornet. Full title: Reproductive Morphology and Biology of Sanmiguelia Lewisii and its Bearing on Angiosperm Evolution in the Late Triassic.

Seed Biology SeedID

Presents access to images under the project of the Ohio State University Department of Horticulture and Crop Science.

Sexual Reproduction in Angiosperms

Discusses the fertilization process for members of the phylum. With illustrations.

Sexual Systems in Angiosperms

Presents images of the reproductive parts of the flowering plants.

Toward a New Synthesis: Major Evolutionary Trends in the Angiosperm Fossil Record

Presents a downloadable copy of the paper by David Dilcher.

Tree of Life Angiosperms

Presents an overview of the flowering plants. Includes distinguishing features and phylogenic relationships.

World Wide Flowering Plant Family Identification

Provides an interactive guide to classifying specimens.

Wounds Angiosperms Anatomical and Physiological Responses of Bark Tissues to Mechanical Injury

Presents the study conducted by Alan R. Biggs aimed at furthering research on the control of tree diseases.

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