Arboretum Woody Plants List

Presents the scientific and common names of member species.

Basal Land Plants

Presents a collection of images from the Arizona Biodiversity Image Gallery. With links to related sites.

Carnivorous Plant FAQ v. 10.0

Information on the most-asked questions regarding these exotic flora. Compiled by the International Carnivorous Plant Society.

Dinosaurs and Plants

Information on the important roles played by vegetation since the beginning of time.

Factophile Classification of Plants

Provides the common names, number of species and comments for each of the phyla in the plant kingdom.

Mississippi Natural Heritage Program Special Plants Tracking List [PDF]

Shows rank and status for environmental assessment and protection.

Natural Perspective Plant Kingdom

Provides information on the classification, divisions and characteristics of this group.

Non-seed Plant Groups

Provides images of gametophyte and sporophyte of species under this category.

Phylum Directory

Provides access to information and images of members of the various groupings of the plant kingdom. From the University of Wisconsin-Madison Plant Systematics Collection.

Plant Kingdom

Describes the four classifications of species included in this group. Taxonomic Tree Plant Listing

Shows the position of the group within the plant kingdom.

Plants Evolution and Classification

Information on the major divisions and subgroups under Kingdom Plantae. Includes descriptions and illustrations.

Seedless Plants

Discusses floral morphology including classification and characteristics. With photographs.

Spore Bearing Plants

Describes the characteristics of this plant group. Includes images.

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