Amazing Kingdom of Fungi

Information on mushrooms, molds and lichens. With images.

Ascomycota and Basidiomycota

Presents a listing of member species.

Biological Diversity Fungi

Describes the unique features and classification of representatives of the kingdom. With photos and illustrations.

CABI Bioscience Databases

Provides access to resources on fungi.

Cercle de Mycologie de Mons

Provides access to fungi photographs. Listing by scientific names.

Doctor Fungus

Information on members of this kingdom includes the species and their effect on human health.

Fifth Kingdom

Features excerpts from the textbook on mycology. With pictures and actual chapters.

Forest Fungi of New Zealand

Presents the diversity and beauty of this kingdom from this region.

Fun Facts About Fungi

Information on the members of the hidden kingdom. Includes experiments, puzzles and games.

Fungal C-Values

Provides access to a searchable database on genome size.

Fungal Genetics Stock Center

Offers information on fungi genome for research and education. Funded by the US National Science Foundation.

Fungal Genome Resource

Provides genomic information for researchers. With links to related sites.

Fungal Jungal

Offers tips on the identification of both edible and non-edible mushrooms. By the Western Montana Mycological Association.

Fungal Mitochondrial Genome Project

Information on the study being conducted under the leadership of B. Franz Lang. Supported by the Medical Research Council of Canada.

Fungal Portraits

Provides access to images and illustrations.


Offers information on species, ailments, biology, diseases, cures and publications.


Presents an overview of the kingdom including unique characteristics and the different phyla. With links and images.

Fungi and Mushrooms

Information on mushrooms, toadstools and slime molds. With images and links to related sites.

Fungi Images on the Net

Provides access to photos of mushrooms.

Fungi in Finland and in Sweden

Offers listings and photographs of mushrooms found in these countries.

Fungi of California

Provides descriptions and images of 440 species found in the state.

Fungi of Poland

Presents images and information on species found in the region.

Fungi Photos

Presents images of representatives of the kingdom. Includes commentaries and anecdotes.


Offers images taken from around the world. By Taylor Lockwood.

George Barron's Website on Fungi

Offers access to collected images of representatives of this kingdom.

Images of Gymnopus

Provides access to a collection of photos of this type of fungi.

Index Fungorum

Provides access to a searchable fungi database.

Introduction to the Fungi

Presents information on the important role, both ecologically and economically, played by these organisms.

Landmark Papers in Fungal Phylogeny

Provides access to a select list of important works.

Lichens of North America

Information on biology and its importance to the environment. With images.

Life History and Ecology of the Fungi

Describes the stages in the development of representative species. Includes discussion of symbiotic relationships with plants.

Machiel E. Noordeloos

Personal site offers information on the identification of mushrooms and toadstools. With pictures.

Macrofungi of Costa Rica

Documents the diversity, distribution and ecology of representative species found in this country. Funded by the USAID and the National Science Foundation.

Many Kinds of Fungi

Information on varieties and unique features. With images.

Minigallery of Mrs. Mila Dobesova

Presents a collection of photos of mushrooms.

Mycena Page: A Key to the Mycenas of Norway

Describes species that can be found in the country. With listing and images.


Offers a system for identifying members of the kingdom. Includes overview and history of mycology.

Mycology Online

Information on human fungal pathogens. Includes photos and case studies.

Provides information on the diverse members of the kingdom. Includes systematics, identification and collection.


Electronic and printed publication dedicated to the development of fungal classifications.

MykoWeb: Mushrooms, Fungi, Mycology

Presents a resource on the study of these organisms. With images and links to related sites.

Natural Perspective Fungus Kingdom

Presents an overview of the organisms including their critical role in the environment as well as their digestive and reproductive systems.

Photo Fungi Foray Group

Provides facts and images on members of the kingdom that are found in New Zealand.


Presents the collection of Dr. Josef Vlasak of the Czech Republic.

Sidwell Friends School: Kingdom Fungi

Reviews members of this group, digestive processes, physical structure, reproduction, interaction with other species, and medical applications.

Swedish Fungi

Offers collection of mushroom species found in this nation. By Irene Andersson.

Systematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory Fungal Databases

Presents a resource on members of this kingdom. By the Agricultural Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture.

Tom Volk's Fungi

Offers answers to questions on members of this kingdom. With links to related sites.

Toshiro's Photo Gallery of Boletes and Other Mushrooms

Presents collection of images of this particular fungi.

Tree of Life Fungi

Presents information on the members of this kingdom. With links to related sites, directories, databases, collections and images.

Wild Mushrooms From Tokyo

Presents images of various species grouped into different classes and genus.

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