Genetics Software

BNA Baser

Freeware sequence assembly software that operates as a FASTA to multi-FASTA format converter.

CodonCode Corporation

Offers software products for DNA sequence assembly and alignment. Free trial downloads available.

Gene Array Analyzer Software (GAAS)

Integrated software framework designed to efficiently manage, analyze, and visualize large amounts of gene expression data.


Microarray analysis tool. Offers reports including gene lists, ontologies, and pathways that facilitate the understanding of biological relevance of statistically significant microarray results.


Software package developed for DNA and amino acid data editing and database management.

Hands on Genetics

Suite of interactive software designed for a wide range of applications in genetic studies.


Application designed to draw chromosome maps from the output of MapMaker EXP.


Suite of clinical, lab, and LIMS software for genotyping and pedigree management.


Desktop application designed for genomic data visualization.


Sequence analysis tool that features signal search, pattern recognition, and sequence statistics.

Sequence Manipulation Suite

Collection of JavaScript applications for generating, formatting, and analyzing short DNA and protein sequences.


Genome visualization and browsing tool. Simplifies access to continually updated public-domain and private data sources.

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