Wildlife Ecology and Management

America's National Wildlife Refuge System

Description of the wildlife refuge management in America. With details of events, tips, announcements, and news.

Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative

Information on the program of the US Geological Survey includes its history, methodologies, research initiatives, personnel and products.

An International Pintail Recovery Initiative

Research project into low population levels includes maps, field methods, and satellite tracking.

Australian Wildlife

Information includes featured stories, short notes, and science reports.

Carnivore Conservation

Presents access to news, databases, publications, archives and more.

Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna

Profile of the working group of the Arctic Council with program details, monitoring updates, and technical and administrative reports.

Delta Waterfowl

Information on waterfowl hunting, farming, research. With news, images, and other media resources.

Ecologically Sustainable Development

Focuses on promoting and implementing various programs in the area of fisheries management.

Ecology Asia

Draws attention to the plight of wildlife and the environment in Southeast Asia. With compilations of news, photos and more.

Environmental Studies

Features a GPS tracking system, precision, and radioecology as means to remotely monitor wildlife.

Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Coastal Southern California

Provides a resource on the subject. With photos.

Fish Ecology

Offers information on Marine Biology and Ichthyology. By Richard Roundtree.

Grizzly Bear and Black Bear Ecology

Presents a study conducted on this wildlife.

Iguana Bibliography

Lists resources on the lizard.

Koala Ecology

Information on the expedition in Queensland, Australia, includes its purpose, methodologies, accommodations and costs.

Millennium Wildlife Sciences

Project details, science team profiles, news, and links to related resources are presented in this site.

Moose Ecology

Offers excerpts of the book by Michael Runtz.

Predator Conservation

Contains news, updates, and downloadable publications related to the conservation efforts for the natural predators in America.

Principles of Animal Ecology

Presents a copy of the book by W.C. Allee.

Secret Lives of Wildlife Exposed

Offers videos of animals in the wild.

SparkNotes Behavioral Ecology

Presents a study guide on animal behavior and the environment.

Trilobite Ecology and Ancient Environments

Presents information on these ancient marine creatures.

The Western Section of the Wildlife Society

Introduces the staff, services, and activities of the Society. With information on meetings, workshops, and resolutions.

The Wild Foundation

Overview of the Foundation's wilderness information, education, and training initiatives.

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