Binary Stars

Ask an Astrophysicist: Binary Star Systems

Answers questions about binary stars and their formation and evolution.

Astronomical League

Features the Double Star Club of the league. Includes links, rules and regulation of the organization.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Binary Stars

Includes photos and descriptions of binary stars.

Binary Pulsar PSR 1913+16

Illustrated document on the orbit, radial velocity and gravitational radiation of the object.

Double Stars to Follow

Provides information on the properties several known pairs of celestial bodies.

Eclipsing Binary Stars

List of documents on measuring light curves and obtaining the approximate shape of the rotating bodies. Includes illustrations and formulas.

The Evolution of Compact Binary Star Systems

Technical paper describing detection, orbits, and evolution of multiple star systems.

Formation of Common-Envelope: Pre-Main-Sequence Binary Stars

Displays a research material made by Tohline, Cazes and Cohl about the formation of binary stars. Includes videos and references.


Presents various discoveries and findings of the device. Also shows photos, biography and history of the equipment.

Hydrodynamics on Supercomputers

Displays information on the cause and formation of interacting binary stars. Includes calculations and pictures of the event.

International Astronomical Union

Features Commission 42 of the union which centers on close binary stars.

The orbits of 150 visual binaries

Delineates the constellation for each binary and shows the orbit with orbital period.

The Washington Double Star Catalog

Provides information about binary and multiple stars. Includes discoveries, data and meetings.

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