About Stars

Presents an overview of all types of stars, how they form, and how they release energy.

Alcyone Software

Features the different devices used by the company in different planetary readings.

Alcyone Software – Star Data

Catalog of celestial bodies includes facts on their positions, proper motion, radial velocity, magnitudes, spectral class, color index, and luminosity.

Art of Stars

Generates images of how stars would appear as viewed from a particular location on Earth.


Provides information on the mythologies and facts of the star formations. Also provides virtual tour and charts for the heavenly bodies.

Hawaiian Astronomical Society

Showcases the Deepsky Atlas. Includes details on constellations, views of the solar system and related links.

Heart of Darkness

Features article about stars, galaxies and black holes. Contains photos, diagrams and references.

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Science

Features event on Magnetohydrodynamics of Stellar Interiors that happened on September 6 to December 17 of 2004.

Laser Stars

Presents research material of plasma re-combination lasers. Also provides problems solving, solutions and diagrams.

The Life Cycle of a Star

Explains all the stages of stellar evolution.

Mystery of Space

Provides insights regarding stars, black holes, the solar system and cosmic phenomenon.

NASA Stars and Galaxies

Features news and information on stars and galaxies in addition and telescopic photography and slide shows.

News Release Archive: Galaxy - Quasar/Active Nucleus

Collection of reports discusses observations and discoveries of several star-like objects within the Milky Way.

Spectra and Spectra Analysis

Explanation on emission, lines, classification, and wave length.

Star and Galaxies

Provides information on their origin, evolution, energy, and formation of the celestial bodies. Also displays photos, videos, and audio clips.

Star Journey

Collection of charts projects the formations of the objects from different space locations. With details on constellation Orion.


Presents virtual guided tour of similar fundamental astronomy principles. With varied star maps according to season.

US Naval Observatory

Provides information on its Astrometry Department. Shows the different divisions, projects, catalogs and events.

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