Villanova University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Africana Studies

Site presents a program overview, faculty profiles, and course descriptions. With related links.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Overview of the college with information on the programs offered, faculty, facilities, and events.

Communication Department

Curriculum, faculty, program, and contact information. With department news and faculty resources.

Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Presents program details, faculty profiles, facilities and research information, department updates, and related links.

Department of Biology

Guide to Villanova University's biology programs, department resources and facilities, research, and faculty.

Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures

Posts departmental news, lists and details of the programs offered, a faculty and staff directory, and related publications.

Department of Cognitive Science

Information on course offerings, faculty, areas of concentration, and student registration. With career insights.

Department of Computing Sciences

Posts department news and announcements, a faculty and staff directory, academic program details, and other information of interest to prospective students.

Department of Education and Human Services

Lists and details of program offerings, downloadable forms, student registration information, and newsletters.

Department of English

Introduces the department's faculty and staff, details the lists of courses and programs offered, and posts department news.

Department of Geography and the Environment

Presents information on the department's academic programs, courses, faculty, and events. Also posts news and related resources.

Department of History

Site presents course, program, faculty, and career information. With news and links to related websites.

Department of Humanities and Augustinian Traditions

Department website presents a statement of purpose, a guide to program and course offerings, faculty profiles, and related news.

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Class schedule, academic calendar, course catalogs, contact details, and information on related projects and activities.

Department of Philosophy

Posts department news, course descriptions, faculty profiles, contacts, and related links.

Department of Physics

Information on the department's programs and courses, faculty and staff, facilities, and colloquia.

Department of Political Science

Provides program information, department updates and events details, research tips, and course descriptions.

Department of Russian Studies

Overview of the department with events, program, and faculty information. Also features Russian study links.

Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Presents a faculty and staff directory, list and details of the programs offered, course catalogs, and pertinent career insights.

Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Providing information on the programs offered, the department's faculty, curriculum, and related events.

East Asian Studies

Interdisciplinary program dealing with the history, politics, philosophies, languages, and cultures of East Asian countries.

Ethics Program

Information on program concentrations, faculty, activities, and fellowships. With related news and links.

Irish Studies

Program dealing with the history and culture of the Irish people as viewed from the literary, historical, art, and political perspectives.

Latin American Studies Program

Multi-disciplinary and comprehensive academic concentration designed to complement various majors.

Psychology Department

Introduction to Psychology and information on the psychology programs offered at Villanova. With faculty and staff profiles.

Theatre Department

Academics, staff, productions, and contact information. With a section that provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Villanova Writing Program

Statement of purpose and goals, details of academic requirements and application procedures, faculty profiles, and job and internship announcements.

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