Reed College Departments and Programs

Anthropology Department

Insights on anthropology as a major, descriptions of the courses, information on related research, and profiles of the teaching faculty.

Art Department

Overview of the department with faculty information, course descriptions, and list of and links to related resources.

Biology Department

Presents faculty profiles, provides information on department facilities and research, and details the range of program and courses offered.

Chemistry Department

Includes faculty and staff directory, course page links, seminar schedules, and department news.

Classics Department

Specializes in the study of the Greek and Latin language and literature.

Creative Writing

English Department program. Site provides information on the classes and for visiting writers.

Dance Program

Offers Western modern dance program covering the areas of performance, choreography, improvisation, and technology.

Department of History

Detailing the department's course offerings and academic requirements. With faculty profiles and research aids.

Department of Physics

Details of courses, seminars, department research, and history. With a faculty and staff directory.

Department of Religion

Providing information on the courses and programs offered, department research, theses, and faculty.

Department of Russian Language and Literature

Department overview with course descriptions, news, events information, and alumni updates.

Department of Sociology

Introduction to the sociology field and information on the programs and courses offered. With faculty profiles and credit details.

Economics Department

Information on the department's academic offerings, related student opportunities, faculty, and theses.

English Department

Presenting details of the department's academic programs, courses, and resources. With a faculty directory.

French Department

Information on degree requirements, courses, faculty. Also includes notes for majors and non-majors taking up French.

German Department

Academics, faculty, degree requirements, and study abroad opportunity information. Also includes a thesis guide.


Detailing the major program's application requirements, courses, and group and division applicability.

Mathematics Department

Provides a course catalogs, faculty profiles, colloquia schedule, and theses information.

Philosophy Department

Site provides information on the department's courses and faculty. With related links and resources.

Political Science

Program overview, information on degree requirements, faculty and staff directory, course descriptions, and related student resources.

Psychology Department

Information on the department's programs and courses, academic requirements, colloquium series, and other activities.

Reed Chinese

Site provides a program overview along with information on the courses, faculty, and recommended readings.

Reed College Humanities

Online guide to the Humanities programs Reed College offers. Provides course catalogs and course page links.

Reed Philosophy Department

Department's website posts a faculty and staff directory, course descriptions, and information on facilities and performances.

Reed Spanish

Guide to Reed College's program in Spanish. Includes information on the courses, faculty, and other related learning opportunities.

Theatre Department

Presents degree requirements details, a faculty and staff directory, course descriptions, and information on theatrical productions.

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