University of North Dakota College of Arts and Sciences

Art Department

Department's website provides a faculty and staff directory, program lists and details, and information on facilities and financial assistance opportunities.

Chemistry Department

Detailing the department's array of program offerings, seminars, and employment opportunities. With related news and links.

College of Arts and Sciences

Overview of the college with an events calendar, news, forms, staff contacts, and information on departments and programs.

Department of Anthropology

Faculty and staff directory, course descriptions, details of program requirements, department announcements, and research information.

Department of Biology

Information on program offerings, the department's faculty, and facilities.

Department of Communication Sciences

Department overview with program, course, degree requirements, and contact information. Also posts links to related pages.

Department of Computer Science

Guide to Computer Science at the University of North Dakota. Provides information on the programs offered, related news, and contacts.

Department of Criminal Justice Studies

Contains program and course descriptions, information on student admission requirements, contact details, and department pictures.

Department of Economics

Providing information on the programs offered, department events, and research. With a faculty and staff directory.

Department of English

Posts course schedules and descriptions, a faculty directory, contact details, and information on related events.

Department of Geography

Site contains information on the programs offered, department newsletters, faculty profiles, and related links.

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Presents the department's mission statement, list of faculty and staff, program offerings, and contacts.

Department of Psychology

Posts department news, program information, contacts, and faculty profiles.

Department of Sociology

Presents information on the graduate and undergraduate programs offered, a textbook list, sociology newsletter, and a faculty and staff directory.

Department of Theatre Arts

Information on program offerings, scholarships, student admissions, and theater seasons. With theater-related links.

Forensic Science

Presents details program requirements, course descriptions, faculty profiles, and information on department events.

Geology and Geological Engineering

Provides department news, a calendar of department activities, faculty website links, contact details, and information on the programs offered.

History Department

Department overview with student resources, program details, a faculty and staff directory, and contact information.

Humanities Department

Department overview, details of the programs of study offered, contact information, and related links.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Academic offering allows students to design a major that combines courses from two or more disciplines.

International Studies Degree

Program designed to provide students with global perspectives to better understand the concept of an interconnected world and to apply such knowledge to various professions.

Languages Department

Details of the programs offered, placement tests, scholarships, and tutoring. With department contacts.

Mathematics Department

Department directory with course schedule, a semester textbook list, course syllabi, and major and minor information.

Nonprofit Leadership

Multidisciplinary certificate program offered as an 18-credit complement to any major area of study.

Philosophy and Religion

Course descriptions, faculty and staff directory, colloquia schedule, degree requirements information, and links to related pages.

Physics Department

Contains class schedules, degree program details, faculty hiring announcements, and department news.

School of Communication

Introduces the school's faculty and staff, provides information on programs and facilities, and presents links to related pages.

Women Studies

Interdisciplinary program designed to explore and analyze women's lives, experiences, and societal contributions.

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