Winona State University College of Liberal Arts

Art Department

Site contains department announcements and bulletins, faculty listings, an online art gallery, and details on the programs offered.

College of Liberal Arts

Overview of the college with information on program offerings, educational goals, and departments.

Criminal Justice Department

Presents course descriptions, faculty profiles, department announcements, and information on internships and employment opportunities.

Department of Communication Studies

Site provides information on the department's curricular offerings, internships, faculty, and alumni. With related resource links.

Department of Foreign Languages

Department overview, faculty and staff directory, program catalog, and study abroad information.

Department of Music

Department's homepage provides information on degree program offerings, performing ensembles, concerts, events, and faculty.

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Posts department news and announcements, course schedules, faculty profiles, and information on programs and research.

Department of Psychology

Official department homepage posts news, faculty profiles, academics information, and links to related pages.

Department of Theatre and Dance

Posts a department calendar, faculty and staff directory, contact details, and information on scholarships and auditions.

English Department

Information on the department's range of graduate and undergraduate programs, faculty, resources, and contacts.

Geography Department

Offers programs that allow students to examine the similarities and differences of various physical and cultural environments.

Global Studies

Program that involves a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the growing interconnectedness and interdependence between and among nations.

History Department

Information on the department's programs of study, faculty, staff, and contacts.

Mass Communication Department

Presents course syllabi, department newsletters, information on program options, and a faculty and staff directory.

Paralegal Program

Program enables students to develop both the intellectual and professional skills required by the law profession.

Philosophy Department

Introduces the department's faculty, provides information on degree offerings, and posts course descriptions and related web resources.

Social Work Department

Features a social work handbook, introduces the department's roster of faculty, and provides information on student admissions and program offerings.

Sociology Department

Presents information on the programs offered, major and minor requirements, internships, scholarships, and faculty.

Women's and Gender Studies

Multidisciplinary program exploring the lives and experiences of women through the perspectives of history, art, psychology, economics, and public health.

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