Wellesley College

Art Department

Provides a course guide, details of the areas of study, and information on the art facilities.

Astronomy Department

Offers major and minor courses in Astronomy as well as an interdisciplinary program in Astrophysics.

Biological Science Department

Offering programs of study in the various and dynamic facets of Biology.

Chemistry Department

Introduces the department's learning environment, faculty, syllabi, and programs.

Computer Science Department

Department overview with information on the curriculum, faculty and depatment activities.

East Asian Languages and Literatures

Guide to Wellesley's Chinese, Japanese, and Korean programs of study.

Economics Department

Department website posts a list and information on the courses offered.

Education Department

Information and an array of resources for pedagogy and educational technology.

English Department

Provides information on program requirements, advice on taking a major or minor, and course descriptions.

Environmental Studies Interdepartmental Major

Integrated program designed to meet the need for people to work on environmental issues.

Geosciences Department

Contains department background information, faculty profiles, and course descriptions.

German Department

Offers a training program that enforces German speaking, reading, and writing proficiency.

Italian Studies Department

Featuring an innovative approach in teaching the Italian language, literature, culture and film.

Media Arts and Sciences

Interdisciplinary program offered as a joint effort between the Art and Computer Science Departments.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Academic program dealing with Europe's and Mediterranean's way of life during from the Greco-Roman era up to the Renaissance and Reformation periods.

Middle Eastern Studies

Integrated program of study involving the disciplines of Anthropology, Arabic, Classical Studies, History, Political Science and Religion.

Philosophy Department

Serves as a venue for learning about the meanings and explanations of things.

Physics Department

Overview of the department with list and details of the courses offered.

Quantitative Reasoning Program

Program with particular emphasis on mathematical, logical and statistical problem-solving.

Sociology Department

Presents faculty profiles, course details, syllabi, and some sociology journals.

Spanish Department

Opportunities to learn the Spanish language, culture, literature and civilization.

Wellesley College

Private, independent, and non-profit learning institution that offers liberal arts programs for women.

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