Harvard University Libraries and Museums

Andover-Harvard Theological Library

Features details about the services, research assistance and the collections in the library. Includes online resource search.

Cabot Science Library

Source for materials in the General Sciences including undergraduate collections in Applied Sciences, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, and more.

Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments

Harvard University's initiative to preserve old scientific instruments obtained since 1764.

Countway Library of Medicine

Offers a digital library of comprehensive medical materials and resources. Includes databases, tips for finding journal articles and library services.

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

Offers academic resources for teachers and students alike. Aims to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in Harvard college courses.

Ernst Mayr Library

Information on the library's opening hours, collections and materials to avail, new books, and borrowing policies.

Fine Arts Library

Comprehensive collection of Western and non-Western art and architecture resources, from antiquity to the present.

Fung Library

Provides academic resources concerning international politics, foreign relations, foreign policy, economics, history, culture, and political science in the context of Russian, Eurasian, and East Asian studies.

Gordon McKay Blue Hill Libraries

Site of the University Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Posts announcements, information on services, and digitized resources.

Harvard Law School Library

Online reference to the services and materials offered at the Harvard Law School. With news, online catalogs, and research guides.

Harvard Libraries

Portal to the digitized and online resources offered by the Harvard Libraries. With online catalogs, research guides, and library electronic resources of various forms.

Harvard Map Collection

Site of America's oldest map collection. Contains non-circulating, topographic maps with a global coverage.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Get a glimpse of the exhibits to expect in the museum. Find out about the lecture and events conducted. See information on service hours.

Harvard-Yenching Library

Extensive academic research collection of East Asian materials. Covers the humanities and social sciences of the modern East Asia.

Houghton Library

Serves as Harvard University's primary source for rare books and manuscripts on Western civilization and literature.

John G. Wolbach Library

Providing timely information and research services to the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the Harvard University, and the Smithsonian Institution communities.

Lamont Library

Comprehensive undergraduate library with resource materials for the Humanities and Social Sciences, music and multimedia, and contemporary poetry.

Library of Villa I Tatti

Also known as Berenson Library, this library serves as a resource for studies on the late Middle Ages and Renaissance in Italy.

Littauer Library

Harvard's specialized resource for books and serials on Economics, Government, Political Science, and Manpower and Industrial Relations.

Loeb Music Library

Resources offered include books, scores, recordings, a world music archive, and microfilms and facsimiles of music manuscripts.

Museum of Comparative Zoology

Aims to provide concrete evidences that show the comparative relationships of animal life.

Peabody Museum

Museum devoted to anthropology. Maintains comprehensive records of human cultural history in the Western Hemisphere.

Physics Research Library

Supporting the research and educational activities of Harvard's Department of Physics through scholarly materials and by serving as a study space and research platform.

Schlesinger Library

Collection of manuscripts, books, and other materials useful in obtaining deeper understanding American women's lives and activities.

Tozzer Library

Resource for materials useful in the study of anthropology and all its subfields - archaeology, cultural and social anthropology, biological and physical anthropology, and anthropological linguistics.

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